Breaking News: Flashpoint Being Moved To New Timeslot on CBS

Hey Moonies: Before I start this article I know a few of our readers (and probably then some) are a little concerned with us covering Flashpoint more than anything else as of late. I’m trying really hard to catch up with other updates but if I have an article that’s going to be several pages versus one that’s a couple of paragraphs, I’m more inclined to work on the shorter one and get it up faster, and nibble slowly at the other one. Plus, if other VAs had bigger ventures we’d be giving them the same amount of coverage too. At Moon Chase, we don’t favor one star over another because we have such a diverse group of readers so we try to find a happy medium and please everyone. A few key players involved in the production of Flashpoint have been reading this blog and that also adds a little more pressure on me because I have to make sure that I catch everything as much as I can so that I’m keeping them interested too (and up to speed on where fan buzz is going). Putting this together does take a lot.

Back to the topic at hand: CBS announced earlier yesterday that Flashpoint and Swingtown are swapping timeslots as of this week. We have a feeling this is because Swingtown wasn’t as successful as the network had expected. Flashpoint is now moving to Thursday nights at 10PM EST (check your local listings), and Swingtown is taking over Flashpoint‘s old timeslot. Now as of this writing, CTV has not made an announcement if the show is going to switch timeslots on their network too. CTV shows Law and Order: Criminal Intent on thursdays during the timeslot that CBS is moving it too. This could mean potential trouble for the Canadian ratings, as those Canadians with cable are likely to watch the show on Thursday and skip the Friday airing. This would skew the numbers and could also put the show in some uneasy situations if a second season is ordered because of a potential decreased success in Canada. We will keep you posted if CTV decides to change the timeslot.

EDIT: Today, CTV also announced that it was moving the show to the same Thursday timeslot as CBS! It also looks like both networks are keeping the encores on Sunday evenings. And we can also report you numbers for the second episode’s viewership! 7.1 million viewers in the United States, and 980,000 viewers in Canada caught the show last Friday!

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  1. Emily Says:

    CTV has been advertising tonight that Flashpoint will air at a “special time” this Thursday at 10pm. TV listings won’t reflect this though.

  2. sailordees Says:

    This is why every fan who reads this should remind everyone they know that watches the show that it’s on Thursdays now ^_^.

    On another note, I really need to get these Seiyuu articles done. I’d be happy if there was no flashpoint news for a few days :(.

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