Breaking News: Drama Went Down at Chieko’s Wedding Reception!

Last August, Chieko Kawabe married producer Masato Ochi. Last Saturday, the two held a wedding reception for close friends and family. On Chieko’s blog, she posted pictures and a few entries on preparations for the party, including some nail design inspired by the popular fashion brand Fendi! Unfortunately, there was a bit of a scuffle. The couple had hired a photographer to take pictures, and he was trying to take a picture of Sakura Uehara with the couple. Her husband, Noriaki Endo (a fashion producer) was in the way, and the photographer (who might not have known who he was) asked him to get out of the way. Endo got offended and punched the photographer in the stomach, and he was knocked to the ground. The papers are all reporting that Endo has since been arrested, and that the photographer has suffered minor abdominal injuries. We’ve posted this picture from her blog, and we have posted a picture from her blog of the party – they make such a happy couple! It’s too bad that such an incident happened on a joyous occasion :(. Noriaki has since apologized on his blog (twice – 1 & 2) and regrets what has happened. He wishes the photographer a speedy recovery. Sakura also posted an apology on her blog, wished the photographer a speedy recovery, and apologized to Chieko, Masato, and the staff at Fendi. Chieko didn’t mention the incident on her blog, but has devoted several entries on her official blog with pictures from the wedding. Any posts from April 4th onwards are good to look at!

And to the readers: she has changed her name to Chieko Ochi, however we are not going to change the tag on this website. We’ll refer to her as Ochi in articles, but leave the Kawabe tag just for convenience.

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