BREAKING NEWS: Could France be Next?

Sailor Moon continues her worldwide revival – and a subtle mention in the French news today makes us wonder if France will be next. In a matter of days (the 8th and 9th to be more specific), the Kazachok Licensing Forum will be taking place in Paris. The forum is a place for international rights holders to get together and do business. And sure enough, representatives from Toei Animation Europe will be there! LaDepeche.FR posted an interview today with Nathalie Chouraqui, the Associate Director of Kazachok. There were two questions that she was asked which hinted at the future of Sailor Moon in France. Translations are posted below:

Relaxnews: Created in 2004, the forum will have an international scope in 2010. How will this materialize?

Nathalie Chouraqui: Many foreign copyright holders will travel to The Halle Freyssinet. These include the U.S. representatives of the “for Dummies” franchise, representatives with the rights to the Japanese anime Sailormoon and the representatives of the Spanish brand Chupa Chups. Classic Media will also announce the launch of an animated series with the familiar dog Lassie which has been around since the 60s. The animal will be reintroduced throughout Europe.

Relaxnews: On the program at the Kazachok Forum: The 80-year-old Babar, and also Maya the Bee. The current market seems to be mobilizing through existing “classics”. Is this a trend?

Nathalie Chouraqui: The licensing market is in a cycle. Right now, we are in the heart of a revival of old hits. The content itself does not change but the shape is adapted to consumer expectations once again. Babar will be retruning in a 3-D animated series scheduled to air this October on TF1, and Maya the Bee will be back on screens in 3-D in late 2011. The characters need to speak to a new image to re-exist. Also note that the Sailor Moon series is coming back to television, but always in a 2-D format, the image is not so old that it needs to be changed.

Oh Nathalie, you are such a tease. While the fans will always be pleased with the 2-D animation, what fan wouldn’t want to at the very least like to see a pivotal battle or a tranformation sequence from Sailor Moon in 3-D? For those of you who grew up watching Babar and Maya the Bee (I sure did!), here’s a look at The New Adventures of Babar (Corus/YTV and Nelvana are involved in the production) and Maya the Bee (in German). This is really exciting news and believe me, I will be watching the French Industry sites like a hawk and I will let you know as soon as I learn anything!

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Could France be Next?”

  1. Jim Says:

    OMG, Sailor Moon in 3D no, please!

  2. Senshi Says:

    This sounds great! Though I don't think Sailor Moon in 3D will look that great. lol

  3. Travis Says:

    Sailor Moon in 3D would be a big no-no. Great news to hear that Sailor Moon is continuing to conquer Europe!

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