BREAKING NEWS: Columbia Music Entertainment Japan to Remaster and Re-release Old Sailor Moon Soundtracks!

A fan (who wished to remain anonymous) sent us an email a few hours ago telling us that the Sailor Moon soundtracks with the catalog numbers COCX-36146 to COCX-36157 were going to be re-released on March 17th. More importantly, we found out something even more interesting when we tracked these CDs down on CD Japan – these are going to be remastered into the HQCD format! We tried to look everywhere for an official press release but we were unable to find one – so fans, you’re just going to have to trust the online stores for this one (but seeing as many stores are listing them, you can be sure that this isn’t fake news). The price of these CDs is pretty reasonable too, at $25 each (this is about on par what you would pay normally for a J-POP album in Japan), so fans who may find the new boxset release to be a bit astronomical to afford, can probably get a few of these CDs! As of this writing, it doesn’t look like the memorial collections are going to be re-released. Fans who wish to pre-order these can hit any of these links:

Amazon Japan
CD Japan
HMV Japan

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Columbia Music Entertainment Japan to Remaster and Re-release Old Sailor Moon Soundtracks!”

  1. ochibawolf Says:

    What is HQCD? Is it what america already uses as CD standard? Sorry, I just never heard of this term before ^^'

  2. sailordees Says:

    Hi Ochibawolf!

    There's a small section here:

    I imagine that these shouldn't have any trouble playing in CD players from around the world but I can't seem to find much about this format being used in North America.

  3. Shiaedoeu Says:

    This certainly is exciting news, but just because it's on HQCD media, I wouldn't assume the audio will be remastered. I only say this because most of us assumed the same for the DVDs and then when they landed in our hands, we were disappointed with the exact same discs.

    HQCD, in a nutshell, simply means it is better physically. But I really do hope that since Columbia is authoring them and NOT Toei, that I'm wrong and they really do remaster the amazing soundtracks that belong to the series!

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