BREAKING NEWS: Chieko Kawabe Marries Producer!

This was completely unexpected news to us! One of the hits on our radar just a few hours ago came from a tabloid article that briefly mentioned about the reunion all the PGSM stars had recently at Ayaka’s 23rd birthday party. It didn’t mention anything that we had already told you in our post, but at the end there was a kicker. The tabloid tried to jab the bunch to make it look like they left out Chieco Kawabe (Naru Osaka) who recently married TV producer Masato Ochi. We immediately read that saying “Are you kidding?” and quickly researched what we could. It’s true! Chieco married a TV producer who is 21 years older than her (twice her age as some tabloids report). We have a feeling they met in 2005 when Chieco appeared on the after school variety show Gakkou e Ikou! (Groovy Times After School!) which he was producing for the channel TBS. We are really busy behind the scenes, but fans can check out in more detail the announcements each of them made on their blogs (hers and his). They were married on 08/08/08 because it was a very lucky date for them, and they stand by each other despite their age difference (which means nothing to them). Both said that they think so much alike that they are almost like twins, and that they hope to be a creative couple and work together on many things. Chieco also said that he is the only one for her (awwh!). Her entry is also partially written in very good English for you all to understand! Congratulations to Chieco and Masato and we wish you the best of luck in this new phase of your lives!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! What amazing news; I am totally shocked!! I hope that Chieko will be happy with her new husband. I hope we will see some pictures of the new happy couple.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    no necesito de viajes..

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