BREAKING NEWS: CBS Finally Renews Flashpoint!

We were ecstatic to come home from our day to finally hear the news we were waiting for! Many media outlets are now reporting that CBS has indeed renewed Flashpoint for 13 episodes next season! We would like to take this time to thank every fan who supported this show from the beginning. We have been reporting everything we possibly could about this show since last Fall, and seeing news like this really makes us jump for joy – we are elated with the success that Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis have achieved with this show, and we couldn’t be more proud. We think that of all the North American VA stories that we have reported so far, Stephanie’s has been the standout of this year – for a Canadian TV show to hit it big after such a long time on a US network is no small feat! We absolutely loved last night’s episode, and although the fate of the last four episodes of the season are unknown as of this writing on CBS, we were so happy to hear it went out on a high note scoring 9.66 million viewers last night! We can tell you that CTV has moved the show to Sundays, and on September 28th the episode “Eagle Two” will air. According to the press release, the summary reads: “the SRU is handling a routine VIP protection shift when a bomb goes off. Realizing the bomb was a distraction tactic so that the VIPs wife could be kidnapped, the SRU attempts to find her. The kidnapping turns to horror when the wife is found alive – with a remote-controlled collar bomb around her neck.” We’d like to extend congratulations on behalf of the staff and readers of this site to the cast and crew once again on a job well done and continued success – and we will be here just as much as we were this season next year! We will also continue to be there for all of you with summaries for the last episodes airing on Canadian television.

P.S. Last Night’s Summary and Ratings will be up later this weekend.

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