BREAKING NEWS: Brazil Puts Up A Good Fight, But A New Dub Wasn’t Meant to Be.

We want to start this article by first of all congratulating SOS Brazil for all their hard work. We understand your struggles completely because we have been there (and still are). But please don’t view this as a fight you lost! You should be proud of everything you were able to do with your surveys – besides, the other parts of your survey will probably be a help when it comes to other aspects of the revival. We are proud of what you were able to accomplish, and we are sending you big Moonie hugs and lots of love from North America.

Save our Sailors Brazil reported the sad news yesterday that after a long and lengthy crusade to get a redub of Sailor Moon, it was not meant to be. A statement posted to their site from Márcio S. Reginnette, a representative of Brazil’s CD & DVD Factory, states that a redub of Sailor Moon S is not authorized because Naoko Takeuchi has not approved of any redubbing in any language. The same request was made in Italy as well, and was also denied. The statement also makes mention that Toei Animation does not have any exclusivity over the franchise, and prior approval has to be obtained by Naoko Takeuchi. There is also an excellent response to these developments posted over at Papo de Budega.

From what we know, the anime and manga are a sort of “co-agreement” between Naoko Takeuchi and the companies involved. Fans probably also notice that Naoko Takeuchi’s name is on every piece of Sailor Moon merchandise coming out their way these days. With the manga, Kodansha has the rights to publish it, but only after obtaining Naoko Takeuchi’s permission. But at the same time, she cannot hold it back. The same deal goes with the anime and Toei Animation as well. We do not know how many years that this current co-agreement is going to last, but that if matters regarding Sailor Moon do not go smoothly, they could be pulled away at any time.

While we understand fans’ anger, sadness, and frustration over this turn of events, please don’t be mad at Naoko Takeuchi. For all we know, the time frame for Sailor Moon’s return could be really short, and she may not like the idea of a redub keeping the series away from fans in an already shortened timeframe. Or, perhaps she likes everything the way it is and doesn’t want to change things too much. We are disgruntled too, as this leaves the fate of an English release of Sailor Stars up in the air, but at the same time we are thankful to have the Sailor Moon manga back (and hopefully soon, the anime).

Once again, huge hugs from Moon Chase to Save Our Sailors Brazil and everything they have worked so hard for. Keep up the strength, although your release has had it’s turmoils (starting with Season 3), you have done a lot for the fandom and we are sure every one of your readers thanks you for that!

For fans who want a little more detail on the ins and outs of the Brazilian revival, check out this interview in January with CD + DVD Factory’s Márcio S. Reginnette.

22 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Brazil Puts Up A Good Fight, But A New Dub Wasn’t Meant to Be.”

  1. mercuriusstudios Says:

    Now we know the reason why Sailor Moon didn't reach America. Cause any company who would want to get the Sailor Moon anime, and want to re-dub it, Toei would just refuse, and want the original, crappy, poorly-dubbed version rather than having the companies redub and make it the way it was meant to be.

    Since FUNimation's close to Toei, I'm sure they can negotiate a deal to allow them to redub the whole series.

  2. Amber Says:

    I dunno mercuriusstudios, I don't feel so good hearing that she didn't let the rest of the world redub the series. But I don't want FUNImation's crappy voice talent that I am tired of hearing redubbing Sailor Moon. I wonder if this co-agreement has something to do with the court battles Moon Chase has alluded to in the past?

  3. christenn Says:

    I have my doubts Sailor Moon's return may be short-lived…

  4. Jackie Says:

    Poor Brazil. They may have lost the battle, but this does not mean they have lost the war.

    So, does this mean their is no total re-dub of Sailor Moon in the near future? That is really disappointing, but I don't know about my fellow Moonies, but I'm going to keep fighting for it. Naoko Takeuchi, I personally would want a re-dub of Sailor Moon. Why have our precious Moon Princess go down in history the way DiC and CloverWay left it? Butchered?

    No, I don't think she wants that. And hopefully she'll soon see what she could do if she does allow a re-dub.

    I hope FUNimation can soon convince Toei AND Naoko that a re-dub is probably the best option. A release is good, re-dub is the best option they have. And I hope they do re-dub it, make Sailor Moon the way it was meant to be, and have our Moon Princess leave behind an even more powerful legacy than ever before.

    Come on, Moonies, this should encourage us, if nothing else, to fight harder for this re-dub! Together, we all have the power to make it happen, but only if we make our voices heard. And trust me, that is a lot of voices, all fighting for one cause.

  5. Moonlight Says:

    I know you said not to be mad at Takeuchi, but I just can't help it. It almost feels like she's spitting on us.

    I'm so diappointed. She's the one who gave us the series in the first place, and now she's laughing at us because now we can't have it.

  6. Adam Says:

    I have a few things I need to say first and foremost my condolences to SOS Brazil. I'm sorry to hear that a redub for you guys was not meant to be I wish things could've worked out better for you.

    and @ Moonlight I understand how you feel. It just doesn't seem right that Naoko Takeuchi is ignoring and denying the fans who appreciate her work something that they would like when she should be very happy and grateful that her series is still being recognized. I may not know the exact reason for Takeuchi's decision but I feel that there is more to the situation than we think. Even with this news I'm not giving up on the redub idea there has to be a way to convince Naoko that a redub of the anime is the right thing to do and I'm going to continue to support all efforts to get it.

  7. Geoff Says:

    Moon Chase should find a way to write to Naoko herself! 😀

    But she may or may not have control of the series for much longer. It's all a matter of waiting. I can't imagine that there's a manga creator out there who doesn't care about the fans. I don't think she means to deprive us of anything. I think what it means is that she doesn't want production to be held up any longer. Redubbing takes time and money, and so would her approval. She just wants the series out again fast.

    The main reason I want a redub is because the voices in the old English dub kept changing. Makoto was the only character who had one voice (and even she had a separate singing voice). It's hard to connect with a character who's voice actress keeps changing. Poor, poor Usagi herself had 3 permanent cast changes! At least in the Japanese version, Kae sounded a lot like Kotono, and only filled in for her for a handful of episodes (though I would love hearing Kotono do the final battle episodes).

    We need a re-dub, the whole world was littered with bad dubs, which all need re-doing. Naoko just needs to realize this. I don't think she's even watched some of them.

  8. setokaiba Says:

    so the reairing of sailor moon and toys coming back is only temperary not permant

  9. Letícia Cosmos Says:

    I'm a member of SOS Sailor Moon Brazil team and I want to thanks for the message and all the comments. It give us strength to keep on fighting.
    We still have all the movies without dub and the Classic season that had all the masters lost to fight for. Also, we'll keep fighting for the manga and for any kind of products that would be realeased about Sailor Moon.
    And we encourage you all to not give up! There is always hope!

    Thanks again for the messages, it means a lot for us!

  10. Yen-sama Says:

    Well, Isreal got a dub for the first time ever, so if Brazil still has parts of the series that need to be dubbed, I don't think that would be much of a problem.

  11. Jackie Says:

    I agree with Moonlight, Adam, and Geoff. I'm trying not to be mad at Naoko, I really am, but this is just an unreasonable decision. I mean, no redubs in any language? That's just not right. I mean, I know she cares about her fans. She has to.

    And we care about her and our Moon Princess, but when she takes her away, we will have some problems. This whole article brings nervousness through me, I'm so afraid we'll never get our redub or even an English release of Sailor Stars, which I want desperately and I'm sure just about every other Moonie feels the same.

  12. CharT Says:

    I feel for you Brazil and I hope Naoko will comply for the U.S., but if she doesn't, I really sincerely hope she will let Sailor Stars be dubbed at the very least since we never even got a dub. She could at least give us that much.

  13. sailordees Says:

    We at Moon Chase completely understand your disappointment. Our staff actually had a meeting over skype last night and this was the hot issue. We also tried to figure out why this was happening but we could not come up with an answer – and in some ways this contradicted even what we had been told about the one concrete success we learned our survey had (amongst all the vague ones the companies involved had told us of). To recap: our surveys have been received positively, and we have been told that they were a help, but even we don't know everything that they were a help for (and it probably isn't our business to ask).

    I am weighing the options of what we should do next. I am glad, that I have not finished the very last report because I can actually pass on some of your reactions and the general thoughts of the fandom at the end of it. I could run another survey, granted that we have a lot more hits now than we did a year ago and we can give a much bigger picture of the fandom. But, we all know how much you guys tired of taking our surveys. If we were to offer another short one (only 6 questions), would you be willing to participate?

  14. christenn Says:

    Oh, yeah! I'd be willing to participate in any survey! I'd like a good Sailor Moon-related survey (especially Operation Moonrise) to keep me interested in the series!

  15. Moonlight Says:


    I'd be up for a survey. It can't hurt anything, so why not?

  16. otaku78 Says:

    I think the main goal is to broadcast Sailor Moon on tv, It would never get licensed in North America without a new dub.

  17. Jackie Says:

    I'd be up for any survey to help get the voices of all of the Moonies heard.

  18. Yen-sama Says:

    Naoko Takeuchi needs to know how important Sailor Moon is to us. Let's give it a shot so our voices can be heard.

  19. CharT Says:

    Another survey? Another surveyy?! Ugh. Well whatever it takes I guess. But, I really think Operation Moonrise should get in contact with Naoko Takeuchi somehow (whether that means running through Toei or whatever), so that we can all just each write a letter. Operation Moonrise could then send all the letters to her. We should write her about how much Sailor Moon really means to all of us and that depriving it from the world any longer would be a real shame, and that she should really just bring the series back to the U.S. (whether on TV, DVD/Blu-ray redub, the way it was or whatever) and be done with all of this questioning and waiting already.

  20. sailordees Says:

    CharT – I promise this one is going to be short (4 about Sailor Moon + 3 demographic = 7 questions). We just finalized the questions. Companies really liked the surveys because the results are more organized rather than having to sit through and sort out several letters. Unfortunately, talking to Naoko Takeuchi directly is out of the question (from what the companies have told us about her). However, they are listening to what you are saying and doing their best to accommodate fans from all over the world. Don't worry, we have a few other things that we can try. I know, ugh another survey… but this one is going to be really quick to fill out. At this point I don't believe the companies are accepting letters to her on her behalf, but I can definitely find out. I can tell you that she is involved in every deal that takes place with Sailor Moon, so one way or another the companies have this avenue to share with her what fans think.

  21. sailordees Says:

    I'm going to paste here what I wrote on another forum.

    We have been told by the companies themselves, that nothing can happen with Sailor Moon without Naoko Takeuchi's permission (be it anime or manga). You have all probably noticed that the revival didn't happen simultaneously everywhere. it's been happening gradually, Because all the parties have to work together, and come to an agreement that satisfies Ms. Takeuchi first. We have also been told that if something really bad happens and she isn't satisfied, at the snap of a finger we can lose Sailor Moon. This is why the companies don't like rumors, especially ones that name them or Naoko Takeuchi. Everyone has to be very careful.

    With respect to the old dubs/music cues: we know the masters still exist. DiC has now been swallowed up into Cookie Jar, however Cookie Jar has many of DiC's old cartoons from the 80s and 90s. Some of them, like Inspector Gadget and the Legend of Zelda are on Jaroo. They can be retrieved again, so this is nothing to really worry about.We learned the music cues still have masters that exist as well, if they are not with Koch or Warner, the original producers still have their own copies. We learned this when we first began Operation Moonrise from one of the composers.

    Again, if I could speak about the court battles that we learned about this would clear matters up for the entire fandom, but I am unable to. I have hinted at it slightly in this article (and one fan picked up on it). It is probably safe to say that Toei had a huge part in bringing the anime back for everyone when it was featured on their Anime BB service a few years ago. So don't blame Toei in these matters, they really aren't that bad. In our interactions with them we have come to know that they are trying everything they can to satisfy everyone, but everything has to go through her first. Everyone is also in constant communication with her as well. They actually liked how we had organized our report and the fan comments into categories as well and it made it easier for them to present them to management up in Japan and higher powers, so be assured that the companies are listening to you and trying to get a satisfying release. However, some things just aren't meant to be.

    All I can tell you now is that there is a reason Naoko and PNP are plastered all over everything Sailor Moon. She wants to know exactly where the series is, and how it is being worked. She has control over everything when it comes to approving or disproving something, but the companies (Kodansha and Toei) have some freedom after that. For example… let's take a big one like the anime (and come up with a dumb scenario). Let's say Toei wants to revive SM in country X again, and it was a big hit in X when the series first experienced its heyday. Toei cannot revive Sailor Moon in X without Naoko's approval. If we bring in the new developments of the day, let's also suppose that Sailor Moon's dub in X was butchered cutting out all scenes with Luna and Artemis because talking cats were offensive to X's culture. But now talking cats aren't offensive, and Toei wants to redub Sailor Moon in X and have scenes with cats included. Naoko will give permission for the anime to return to X, but not for the cats to be reinstated. However, when it comes to figuring out what channel the series will be broadcast on, licensing and marketing strategy, Toei can do whatever they want. I think we can call this 55%-45% (60%-40%?) split in control between Naoko and the companies respectively. She has the majority of control, but after she approves something there is some flexibility on the companies' part.

    Despite PNPs property ownership, they are a very small company. I don't believe there is any sort of PR department.So don't expect to hear any sort of press release from PNP exclusively. Again, Naoko Takeuchi probably has some control over every press release that is released and nothing goes out without her say.

  22. Chrissy Says:

    I love Sailor moon and i would love for them to bring it back. I would like them to dub Sailor moon Star's, I grew up on sailor moon and I still love it. I will do all I can to help bring sailor moon back in the name of moon <3. Please let me know what i can do.

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