BREAKING NEWS: Another Voice Actress Imposter

So: last night, we got a comment from a fan saying that the image featured on our Linda Ballantyne interview, was not really her. We were tired of the bad news about the Sarah Lafleur interview, but then I had a hunch last night to check some old email headers. Sure enough, something from the Linda Ballantyne emails matched something from the Sarah Lafleur emails. I called her agent in Toronto this morning to explain the situation, and she did in fact verify that the blonde was not her at all. Whoever you are that is pretending to be the voice actors, note that now we are going to take extra measures to verify that the person we are speaking to, is in fact a star of Sailor Moon. We have since removed the interview and will be going through the site trashing all the other references to it.

For those of you who want to see what she really looks like, we have confirmed that two other photos on this site are actually her. The images on this post are real.

On the bright side: The official spelling of her name is Linda Ballantyne (so every time you see it spelled differently on a TV show including Sailor Moon, note this is how it is supposed to be spelled). And, some good is going to come out of this. Stay tuned Moonies. Please don’t lose faith in us.

Our apologies once again to everyone implicated in this scandal. We really didn’t see this coming at all and we are not going to let this happen again.

9 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Another Voice Actress Imposter”

  1. esahC Says:

    Oi vey…

  2. ralate.moon Says:

    This is Awful… and what about CHIEKO!? i hope she is the real one!

  3. Moon Chase Says:

    No need to worry about Chieko! Her twitter has feeds to both her personal blog and her cooking blog! She actually tweets to her husband and it's very sweet to read. She also tweets about what it is like to be pregnant. Right now we have to leave it up to the powers that be to track this person down and stop it before she/he does it again.

  4. Sakky Says:

    Ugh what a bummer D:

  5. Chris Says:

    But just what Sailor Moon might just say to the imposter…

    "In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!"

  6. BIGMercenary Says:

    I suppose some people are just so sad and bored out of their minds enough to do something as ridiculous as this.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    wait… so that whole Linda Ballantyne interview was fake?? That's pretty awful..

    I knew she wasn't the voice of Princess Snow Kaguya! Her voice did not match at all.. Kaguya was the same voice as Mimet from the S season.. Whomever it was that played her.

  8. sailordees Says:

    It was not Mimet who played Kaguya. We have already covered this in another post, through a phone call to Catherine Disher's agent. You can read the story here .

  9. KaitoM Says:

    Hey SailorDees do you know who is the person doing this?! do you resolve the mystery!? Is THis Person is the SAme of Lafleur impostor?

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