Breaking News: ACTRA Toronto Nominations!

We here at the Moon Chase Blog Network are so pleased to hear that actors from productions we follow on both Moon Chase and We Got The Solution have been nominated for awards! ACTRA Toronto is the Toronto branch of Canada’s largest actors union, and they are presenting awards in 3 categories. Funnyman Colin Mochrie will be handing these out!

Here are the nominees! The productions that they are nominated for are in bold, but if you see a gold star next to their name(), it means they were also in Flashpoint or Sailor Moon).

Best Male Performer:

Noam Jenkins(Flashpoint – played Josh in the episode Backwards Day)
K.C. Collins(Guns) (Was also in Flashpoint – played Derek Medeiros in Exit Wounds)
Ennis Esmer (The Listener)
Allan Hawco (Love and Savagery)
Daniel Kash (The Line)

Best Female Performer:

Kathleen Munroe(Flashpoint – played Laura in the episode Last Dance)
Rhea Akler (Undercurrent)
Kristin Booth(At Home By Myself… With You) (Was also in Flashpoint – played Sarah in Backwards Day)
Kateri Walker(Kissed By Lightning)

Best Voice Work:

Juan Chioran (Grossology)
Paul Fauteux (Afghanada)
Julie Lemieux(Spliced) (Was in Sailor Moon, played Sammy and Young Darien)
Carolyn Scott (Best Ed)
Ron Pardo(Bob & Doug)

We wish Julie, Kathleen, Noam, Kristin and K.C. the best of luck!

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