Breaking (And Disturbing) News: What is Really Going On Behind the Doors of Dentsu?

More tragic news from Dentsu. We came across a very creepy story out of Japan last night, about a lawsuit that involves Geneon’s Parent Company, Dentsu, as well as an ousted former Creative Director of their US offices.

We’re going to warn you now not to click the link below to read the rest of this story if you are under the age of 18. The content of this lawsuit is very mature and x-rated.

It seems Dentsu likes to party – in a very perverse way. And they subject their employees to go along with them. Steven Biegel was the creative director of Dentsu’s USA branch for three years, in which he was responsible for developing television, radio, print and outdoor advertisements for many of the agency’s most important clients, including Canon. In 2004, he was sent to Prague for a commercial for Canon, where some of the Japanese executives told him to come out with them tonight, and didn’t say where they were going. The executives allegedly took him to a brothel. Eventually there were some other “celebrations” of this nature which Biegel refused to participate in , and he believes he was fired because of this. Fans wanting to read more of the gory and gross details of this lawsuit can go here to read some of the released court documents.

Again, we haven’t confirmed if this is really true or just a bitter executive’s attempt to sue a former employer. However, if this is true, and Geneon was still in the anime business, we know we would definitely think twice about picking up another one of their titles.

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