BIG BIG Flashpoint Roundup!

☃ ☾ Hey Lunarians! ☽ Expect updates to be sporadic for the next couple weeks, it’s getting very busy behind the scenes! But we just had to update you all on Stephanie Morgenstern ♀ (Sailor Venus #1) ♀ and Mark Ellis’ Flashpoint! Tangentially, I have discovered new ASCII codes and am having way too much fun with them tonight… you may want to increase your browser’s text size to see full detail! ☃

BREAKING NEWS: Flashpoint Returns Much Earlier Than We Expected!

Many industry insiders since we wrote our last article had predicted that Flashpoint would return sometime in February occupying the slot once held by the now canceled The Ex-List (of which the latter we predicted not too long ago). Today, CBS announced that it would return on January 9th, on Fridays at 9 P.M. in that timeslot that we had predicted! Venusians will just have to wait until a little after Christmas to catch the new episodes. As of this writing, CTV has not announced an airdate, however we would not be surprised if a press release from CTV ended up in our inbox tomorrow morning. We predict that they will air it at the same time (yay for “Reverse Simulcast”!) We here behind the scenes have managed to see the unaired episodes and we loved them so much that we are going to tune in when they air on television – and we encourage all our readers to do the same and to please support the show just the same as you did this past Summer and Fall! We really love these next episodes – and we’ll tease you a little bit. Ed Lane grips with balancing his work, old ghosts, and family life, OMG THERE ARE BOMBS COMING AND YOU GET TO SEE SPIKE WORK, and umm… Sam and Jules. Not saying any more about those two! Tune in to find out more! A VA will appear on the show in one of these episodes – Robert Bockstael (Prince Diamond from the R-Season). Stephanie also makes a brief appearance as well. We look forward to seeing more of these stories come to life, and hopefully more VAs appearing on the show! We’ve got our fingers crossed in the hopes that Terri Hawkes (Sailor Moon #2) might appear somewhere on the show.

A Spoiler and a Flashbit!

We ran across a couple items in the news in the past week!

☀ Series Writer and Co-executive Producer Tassie Cameron remarked at a recent conference, “Basically, they asked us to make 13 pilots.” This explains why the cops on the show didn’t have many arcs that carried on from episode to episode. There was a short bit with Greg Parker and his son, the last few episodes get heavy dealing with Ed Lane and his family, and Sam and Jules get a little more involved towards the end of the season. It seems that this season , there is going to be a lot more with the characters and their continuity beyond the length they had in the first season. We learned of a casting call for a female actress! The role of Donna Hewson calls for a character who “is a ‘triple A’ Alpha female — strong, outspoken, funny, compelling, complicated.” “In her first episode, we see this tornado of a woman blowing past most of her male competition — nailing every physical, shooting and combat test, impressing Ed and the rest of the team in an intense recruitment drive.” She will appear in the first 4-6 episodes of the season, and we are guessing this is to accommodate Amy Jo Johnson’s maternity leave (and we haven’t heard if she has had the baby yet, Power Ranger fans). We’re excited to see where this goes this coming February! Again, we will not post our new episodessummaries until they air on North American televisions.

☀ And one of the most completely random articles we caught on our radar has to do with the supplier of the training and the non-lethal weapons used on the set! Lamperd Less Lethal, a company specializing in less-lethal weaponry announced a few days ago that they once again had an agreement providing training and less lethal weapons to Flashpoint Season 2! Jim Bremner is serving as a consultant on the show, and he has posted a few pics behind the scenes of Flashpoint along with some testimonials from the cast!

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  1. Emily Says:

    Tracey Moore was Sailor Moon number one; Terri Hawkes number two (if you look at the episodes chronologically). Tracey only did a few episodes though.

    I’m glad to hear Flashpoint is returning in January 🙂

  2. sailordees Says:

    Ack! Sorry! I knew that one too. This must be the first time in years I’ve made that mistake! Wrote this one a little late at night. Sorry again!

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