Bernard Minet to Perform Special Concert in France!

Bernard Minet is a children’s singer in France who is known for singing many theme songs for several cartoons, including Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. His career spans over 40 years! Tonight, at La Boudegon in Dax, France, he will be performing a special concert filled with his tunes he sung for cartoons in the 80s and 90s. He is featured in a special interview with He thinks that his songs aren’t necessarily “kitsch” but they are appreciated by the public. When the public hears his songs, no matter what age they are, they become happy and have fond memories of what they would do on Wednesday afternoons. For many years, he sang his tunes on another children’s music show: Club Dorothée. Performing in night clubs, he says, for him is not a way to make ends meet, but instead a way to live. He has another show coming up Saturday in Toulouse! He is asked among all of the characters in some of his most famous songs used for anime, who Juliette (of Maison Ikkoku) would be the most happy with. Of course, he answers Hugo from the same series, because he believes that she is faithful to him no matter what. But then he also says that women are charmed by superheroes! This sounds like it should be a fun show – est-ce que nos lecteurs <> en France vont voir ce concert?

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  1. Christina Says:

    Je veux bien, I'd love to go (and I'm living in Toulouse this year!) but I already have tickets for a fantastic 9 hour theatrical event at TNT this Saturday. ^_^ That's an awesome coincidence, however! <3 I love hearing Sailor-Moon-related news in conjunction with Toulouse! <3

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