Behind the Scenes of Flashpoint!

We’re still waiting on the ratings for last week’s Flashpoint in Canada. Turns out BBM (Canada’s audience measurement organization) is the holdup. It’s been over a week and they still haven’t posted any of their top shows from the previous week. As soon as it’s posted (and believe us, we are checking several times a day) we will update and amend the previous article.

In the meantime, this morning we came across something that all of you fans in Canada and North America can enjoy! CBS affiliate WIVB Buffalo sent their afternoon news anchor Victoria Hong to the set of Flashpoint, and she was given a tour by Michael Cram who plays Kevin “Wordy” Wordsworth. It’s a really neat look at one of the most expensive sets created in Canadian Television History and you get to learn a lot of cool things, how the glass walls were built so they could swivel to fit a camera, or how the exercise equipment on the set is all real! We recommend all our readers click here to see what the set is like. We are still astounded that one of the former stars of Sailor Moon, Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) has come so far since her VA days.

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