Backstage Launches New Property Site For Sailor Moon!

It seems that news surrounding Sailor Moon’s revival continues to pop up from Italy! Loyal Moonie Bambino Light left us a nice breakfast surprise this morning – Backstage Licensing launched a property site for Sailor Moon today!

Before we talk about what is on the site, here’s a short lesson in the inner workings of the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, we’d have loved to have shown you another example of a property site in English for Flashpoint, but it appears Alchemy TV’s site has disappeared. Entertainment companies put these pages up, along with a sales flyer, to promote the property to different markets. With Flashpoint, the site was there to promote it to different markets in other, non-North American countries. However, since it appears that Italy only has the rights to the Italian version, we’re not entirely sure what other markets the show is being pitched to. Italian is also an official language in the countries of Switzerland, San Marino, and The Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The biggest market of these is obviously Switzerland, but out of all of the country’s four official languages, German is the one that is the most used (and Sailor Moon likely aired in that language during its heyday).

What’s on this site? A sales flyer, in both HTML and PDF form, in both Italian and English! This is a part of a sales package which goes to potential buyers of the show with a few details about the series. Every company pitches their properties differently, so we can’t guess what might be included in Sailor Moon’s. Emblazoned across the site’s header is another new image of the Senshi – these new pictures keep getting better and better! We have featured it below. It is also interesting that the show’s genre is listed as “Adventure/Sentimental”. We couldn’t have listed it better!

This is an exciting time to be a Sailor Moon fan, and soon there will be a timeline post on this site listing all of the major events in the revival stretching back to last summer. We’ve noticed that many sites are now starting to take note of something that we’ve been following from early whispers, and we think a lot of fans are coming out from hiding – don’t worry, this will clear everything up for you!

4 Responses to “Backstage Launches New Property Site For Sailor Moon!”

  1. Sakky Says:

    Personally, I like that he English one refers to them as "Sailor Warriors" 😀


  2. Senshi Says:

    Yay!! Things are looking great for Sailor Moon. I'm so glad!! ^-^

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love it! 😀

    Do you guys think Sailor Moon will be broadcast in superior quality, like the region 2 dvd quality? Or the old masters? If Sailor Moon ever comes back to America I'd really like to see it broadcast in the new restored version of the show. I really hope soo.. And I'd love to see that on blu ray!! OH how awesome would it be to see SM released in USA on blu ray (and restored dvd)!! Here's hoping!

  4. Moon Chase Says:

    I don't think Blu Ray is going to be a possibility considering that there's no Blu Ray release in Japan – and as far as superior quality, it is hard to say. In Italy, I am not sure what is going on, I do understand that there is some video editing happening but I don't know if that necessarily includes remastering as well. We just have to wait and see what goes to air there!

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