Exclusive Interview with Charlene Ingram of VIZ Media

This interview took place on August 22nd at Anime Revolution in Vancouver, B.C. Guest writer Jesse Betteridge conducted the interview on behalf of Moon Chase! A Sailor Moon News Blog.


Jesse: Did you expect the amount of support Sailor Moon has received since you’ve announced the relaunch?

Charlene: Well, we knew it was really popular, we knew there would be a lot of support, we knew it would be very well regarded because the fans had been so hungry for it but — I completely underestimated the level that everything has been. We sometimes joke around the office “Char would be the last person to underestimate Moon! She’d be the one to oversell it.” And so far everything we’ve done, we’ve run out, so it’s moving really fast and I’m super thankful for that.

Jesse: If plans are in the works, do you know yet if the Sailor Moon movies be released as singles or in one box set?

Charlene: There’s no release news on the movies yet, we’re working on the TV series first. It ultimately comes down to having the best materials and with the release schedule, the movies are a little bit more flexible. So, we want to make sure we get the TV series off to a good start before we start slotting in those movies, be them separate or together.

Jesse: What was it like trying to cast Sailor Moon while trying to keep the news a secret?

Charlene: Well, our production team and the studio really did a lot of casting Sailor Moon. I listened to all the demos, all the finalists and they were all numbered. So, even though I know a lot of people in VO, when you listen to so many of them – especially when they’re all anonymous – it was very interesting seeing it come together. But I fully support all the choices the production team made and the Japan team made. But it was really, really tough for everyone. Even though I was just doing a lot of cursory listening for it and keeping in mind and mentioning any vocal inflections to watch for – as a fan – everybody who auditioned was just so impressive. Especially for the Guardians, when the girls were picked, it was like – when they were all together – you just knew. And it was an “ah ha! Eureka!” moment when the slides were brought around and you just heard them one after another it was just, “wow, this really sounds right.” It was exciting.

Jesse: Any comments for the fans who might still be iffy on watching the new dub?

Charlene: Well, nostalgia is a very powerful thing. People get voices stuck in their heard from what they know but, I think one of the greatest things is to know that this is a true, uncut to the original Japanese version with the creative team in Japan involved. So, if you’re on the fence, I’d say give it a shot so you can see what that whole team envisioned for it to sound like and know that everybody that’s working on it just knows how important it is and is working their hardest to make it right. In fact, everybody when they’re in the studio and doing their lines – they reference the original Japanese, they reference the original scripts, they listen to it for tone, inflection, meaning and just hitting those right beats. If it’s a comedy beat, they want you to laugh; if it’s a dramatic beat, they want you to feel that. So I’d say – love the dub from the 90’s. It’s nostalgia, it’s powerful. But this is like Sailor Moon completely reborn. It’s a way to rediscover her again for the first time.

Jesse: It’s been mentioned before that you do not currently have access to the DiC dub. Are you able to comment on the status of this?

Charlene: The materials are just not available. There are multiple reasons that the actual materials for those episodes are just not available. We know a lot of people want to speculate about it, but there are multiple reasons. In some cases, the materials themselves are in poor shape or just don’t exist anymore.

Jesse: We know you personally watched Sailor Moon yourself. Can you pick a favourite character?

Charlene: I can pick a favourite from the different types, certainly. My favourite of the Inner Guardians is definitely Sailor Venus. I think she’s a lot like me, personality-wise and that I can be a stoic leader. I’ve seen some stuff in my past, but when I get comfortable I get very dingy and I also love idols, I love singing and dancing around, I love being over the top and of course orange. My favourite Outer Guardian, that’s Sailor Uranus – not because I’m like her, not at all, but I just think she’s the coolest out of all of them. I adore Otokoyaku types and am a big Takarazuka fan. And I love her relationship with Neptune. For the villains, I go back and forth between Galaxia and Queen Nehellenia. I would want to be like Galaxia and be super powerful, but as I’m getting older, I can see myself turning into Nehellenia if I don’t let my glittery Venus side come out more often! (laughs)

Jesse: In the next year, what US and Canadian conventions can fans expect to see you at?

Charlene: Well, for this year I know I’ll be at New York Comic con and possibly a couple other ones, but as for next year we’re still working on plans for that. I definitely, not just for me but for Viz too, try to hit several major places around the US and Canada. I of course would love to go to more, but it just comes down to planning and resources. The VIZ Anime marketing team is just two people right now, so balance is key. I love taking the Sailor Moon party and all the anime party to wherever we can. Spreading the love is very important!

Jesse: Currently online streaming of the Sailor Moon classic series is not available in Canada because Viz streams everything through Hulu. Is there any news on when they are going to be available in Canada?

Charlene: We’re still looking for the right streaming partner for Canada that can serve the Canadian market with the licensors’ needs in mind. So there’s no simple solution. Hulu’s a great partner for us for the US for all those reasons. Keeping really good analytics on the content, keeping the licensors in the loop, and we would love to find something similar for Canada. But, in lieu of that, we have moved up our subtitled EST (Electronic Sell-Through, or Download To Own) that’s available in Canada so you can get the full, first 23, now 46, episodes on iTunes and other outlets up North and the prices are actually discounted for that. So while we’re really working hard to make streaming in Canada possible, it has been a little difficult but it’s something that we keep pursuing. We’re always looking for partners that would be a good fit for streaming and broadcast.

Jesse: On Twitter you guys have teased about trying to get [Sailor Moon classic] on Canadian TV because of course YTV played a very significant role in sort of keeping the ball rolling with the series back in the 90’s. Are there any new updates or is there any news on that right now?

Charlene: There’s no news at this time. Just like with streaming partners, we would wish for the uncut, uncensored dub to find the right television partner – if there is one for it. But, now that we’re doing it uncut, uncensored and true to the Japanese vision, we would be very reluctant to follow any opportunities that would involve any cutting, especially with the genders, relationships, attacks, and story elements.

Jesse: Can you share some details about what’s being included with the upcoming release with the booklet and Blu-ray/DVD combo set?

Charlene: Yes, the upcoming set comes out on November 11th. It will have an 88 page full colour booklet which has all the episode guides, not just for the first 23 but for all 46 episodes. So it’s meant to be a booklet to cover the whole of season one. It will have all the character profiles and turnarounds, so that will be really good for cosplayers because you can see cool, detailed shots of the costumes; profiles; there will also by lyrics of the opening and ending songs in Japanese, Romanji, and in English so people can follow along; and there will be some other cool treats in there as well for Sailor Moon. The box itself is a shimmery, pearlescent, prismatic box that will have space to hold set two that will come out early 2015. Each of the discs will be character themed, and that extends into the motion menus as well, which is something you don’t see very often in anime, especially on a Blu-ray. So, disc one will be Usagi/Sailor Moon themed, disc two will be Ami/Mercury themed, and disc three will be Mars themed. And we’ll be carrying that through for set two and then onward of course, with the different characters mixed in with the guardians as well. It’s a nice, elegant, robust set that’s meant to be the first of the five seasons that I think people will be proud to own.

Another thing that’s for the first time – it will include closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing. Those will be from the dub track and those will be accessible like standard closed captions through your remote. On your DVD, closed captions come through your analog cable, that will be the same on Blu-ray because Blu-ray handles traditional closed captions on analog and not through HDMI, but there will also be subtitles, signs, and songs subtitles. We wanted to make this classic series very accessible to people, so it’s one of those cool new things that we want to add and it was very commonly requested especially for Sailor Moon.

Jesse: And anything on release schedule?

Charlene: The release date for set two is not finalized right now but we’re expecting it to be early 2015 and the release rollout will be determined. So, once set one and set two come out, R set one will come the same distance away from Sailor Moon set 2. Once we get set two locked down, that will predict the general release schedule for all ten sets.

Jesse: Okay. Would either the Sera Myu musicals or the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series be something Viz might consider for future release?

Charlene: Each part of Sailor Moon is handled like a completely separate property. Even Sailor Moon Crystal is handled differently from Sailor Moon. The rights for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the tokusatsu series, and Sera Myu which was produced by Bandai (the original Sera Myu) – they’d all be totally different and may or may not even be available. Depending on the success of Sailor Moon the anime, it’s something I’d definitely like to consider. It would be something if the anime is successful to think about and it’s no secret my personal favourite part of Sailor Moon was always the musicals. Those were the things that were most dear to me as a fan. But there’s a lot of difficulties in doing that. A whole lot of difficulties for live-action anything. They likely could not be dubbed.

Jesse: And what do you think is going to be the most challenging aspect of these releases?

Charlene: The most challenging aspect… Well, anime has definitely changed. You don’t see a lot that even exceed 26 episodes anymore. So it’s keeping that interest of a modern audience through all 200 episodes plus the other stuff. The original Sailor Moon is a bit of a slow burn and has a lot of character development. Especially when you contrast it with Crystal that moves a lot faster – it’s keeping that interest up and really focusing on the major story beats for each season. The way that I think the release schedule is going to roll out, we’re going to position them around the times that major story elements show up. So, we had the big Sailor Moon celebrations this summer for the Inner Guardians, if everything works out, we’d like to do the same for the Outer Guardians, Chibimoon, the Sailor Starlights, and everyone else so that we keep that interest going. It ultimately comes down to how much the fans like it and how much the fans want to support it. The best way to tell anime companies and creative teams they’re doing the right thing is to vote with your wallet. You can do that multiple ways, it doesn’t always cost money. Watch the free and legal streams; or if you like download to own / EST – buy those episodes on iTunes, Google play, Xbox, Playstation; or when the episodes come out on DVD/Blu-ray combo! if you like that beautiful collector set support that and more things like it will be created. If you’re just a DVD only buyer, support that as it will be in a lot of stores. We judge the popularity by what the fans want. So keep supporting Sailor Moon in official ways, even if you don’t have any money to spend on Sailor Moon stuff – watch the official streams because those numbers go directly to Japan and they know how popular it is. And when something is popular, we get to do a lot more neat stuff like fan events and create cool packaging.

Jesse: And any last things you would like to say to Moon Chase readers?

Charlene: Thank you guys very much for your support of Sailor Moon and being so patient. And thank you for your support with us as we’re working on the series and know that it is being given all the love and respect that it deserves. Everybody on the Sailor Moon team loves and cherishes the series from the people who work in licensing, the production team, everyone – the artists for the box – they all love Sailor Moon so much. For me, just one part of the process, every day feel like a dream AND a very important mission! Just look forward to more cool announcements in the future that I can’t talk about just yet – but stay tuned! We’re going to keep bringing that magic and hope you love it too.

Jesse: Great. Thanks a lot.

New Details on the Upcoming S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon Figure!

Hey Moonies! This is a quick post to let you know I just received a email from Bluefin Tamashii Nations which contained a sales sheet along with some product descriptions on upcoming figures (I don’t know what other properties you fans may be interested in, so comment below if there are other figures you might like to know about). The new Sailor Moon figure will be released in cartons containing 24 figures each with an MSRP of $42.99 USD. The figure will have the following UPC Code of 4543112644909 and SKU of BAN64490, for those of you who are looking to purchase this and want to make sure you are getting a legitimate figure and not a knockoff. The figure will be released in September 2013. The description of the figure on this sales sheet reads:

S.H.Figuarts – Sailor Moon

meatballhead Appropriately timed with the 20th anniversary of the insanely popular Sailor Moon anime, everyone’s favorite princess joins the S.H.Figuarts series in beautiful fighting form with a full array of option parts. Sculpted with elegant proportion S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon stands on its own as a gorgeous display piece. Meticulous attention to detail has enabled a faithful portrayal, and part of the hair has been rendered with clear parts for enhanced realism. In addition to high-detail and stunning proportion this figure set features advanced articulation for recreation of your favorite Sailor Moon Action scenes. And to top it all off- a wealth of accessories are included! Two types of Moon Sticks (with/without Silver Crystal), effect parts for “Moon Tiara Action”, and 8 interchangeable hand parts (3 left, 5 right) will expand the playability of S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon’s feline partner, Luna will be included too with neck and tail articulation. Aiming for a superbly expressive Sailor Soldier, in addition to three interchangeable face parts, two added face parts will be included as limited first production issue bonus parts!

As for where you can purchase this, if you fans spot it anywhere, please let us know and we will post it on the blog (please via email at moonchasers@nospamplzkthxgmail.com), it is hard to keep up with the facebook posts). The only place I know of at this moment is Gundam Planet, which did have a pre-order deal of 10% off the cost if you order now, I am not sure why fans can’t pre-order at the moment.
And for those of you who are Daft Punk fans, unfortunately those gorgeous figures are not on this sale sheet yet. I’m waiting too, and am eagerly awaiting those as well! Special thanks to Bluefin for passing this along to us (it was great chatting with you on Monday)!

Here is where you can order this figure so far (but some have just a listing and are not open for pre-orders just yet, keep an eye out on these pages). The links we have posted are from reputable sites, but this is by no means a complete list. Please let us know if you know of others!
Amazon.ca (Not listed yet, but told they will have it)
Anime Island
Big Bad Toy Store
Fantastic Plastic Toys
GG Infinite
Gundam Planet
Hastings (Not listed yet, but told they will have it)
Just Action Figures (Not listed yet, but told they will have it)
Man of Action Figures
Power Anime
Robot4Less (Not listed yet, but told they will have it)
Things From Another World (Not listed yet, but told they will have it)
Toys Logic
Toy Tards (in Canada)
Toy Wiz
TSI Inc. (Not listed yet, but told they will have it)
Urban Collector (Not listed yet, but told they will have it)

And one last link: there is a store locator here for those who want to try to find it locally.

EDIT: Here’s a whole gallery of official promotional images!

Katie Griffin Interview

Hey, fans! We have another interview for you. This interview was conducted via e-mail shortly after FanExpo 2012 (which occurred in August).

We’re pleased to bring you the final version now. Katie was wonderful about answering lots of questions for you!

Katie Griffin

Moon Chase: How did you get started in acting and what was your first big break in acting?

Katie Griffin: When I was 15, I did a play at Ryerson Theatre (just auditioned for the fun of it, but ended up getting the role), and from there I got noticed by my first Agent. I was then auditioning and booking various commercials, and small parts on Canadian Television and movies-of-the-week. I stuck with that Agent through high school, but then started to feel like I could handle bigger things, so I moved on to a different Agent. I started to book bigger parts, and really felt as though I was making some head-way, but Canada is a very interesting place to have a career. There is no ‘star-system’ here in Canada, so you can book a lead in a film, and it really doesn’t mean anything. Your resume is really only as good as your last acting job. So, what was my first real break? I don’t really know. My very first series lead was Sailor Moon!! That felt pretty great!! But, to tell you the truth, when I booked it no one told me (how could anyone have known) that it was going to be an insanely popular show!! Sailor Moon had a huge impact on my career, because I honestly feel that I got the confidence I have now, from that show. That show led to other animated series, and kick-started my voice-over career. ….which quite frankly I’m far more proud of than anything I’ve ever done in front of the camera. I’ve been with my voice Agents, Edna and Paul my whole career. I owe them a lot.

Moon Chase: Over the years you have worked with a lot of “big name” actors such as Nicole kidman, Taye Diggs, Billy Ray Cyrus, Glenn Close, and Alicia Silverstone to name a few. Which one stands out in your mind as your best film experience and who did you learn the biggest lesson from?

Katie Griffin: I worked with Rob Lowe, playing his love interest in a movie called, “Too Late to Say Goodbye”. I had a fantastic time working with him. He’s actually hilarious. Very down-to-earth, and just an overall great guy. The biggest lesson I’ve learned probably came from Nicole Kidman. Not that I could ever be the ‘high-maintenance’ actor on a film set, my mom would kill me, but Nicole was simply lovely to everyone around her. She respected everyone on that film set, from the Director to her fellow actors as well as the crew. I will always show up to a voice record or a film set on time and with a smile. This is a crazy industry to try and make a living at, but if you enjoy being there, and respect the people you’re working with, the whole experience becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Moon Chase: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Katie Griffin: Hmmmm, good question. I’d like a crack at a juicy, emotional scene with Meryl Streep. I’d also like to star in an animated Disney film, or Pixar. ….mostly so that I could go and see it with my boys. 🙂

Moon Chase: Many of our readers don’t know that you are also a singer! How did you come to record your first album, “Kiss Me Chaos” and how did you come up with the title of that album?

Katie Griffin: My first album was born out of a fluke! I was recording an Excel gum jingle for a friend, and at the end of the session, I played a few of my songs for him on a guitar. I asked him if I should turn them into a demo, just to have, and he suggested I meet with a musician/producer friend from the band, JAMES (Laid) who had just come back from the U.K. That was Michael Kulas. Michael and I hit it off right away, and he really liked my songs and wanted to produce them! And, VOILA! ….then I married him. (tee hee hee….what a cliche) The name Kiss Me Chaos, basically came from a Taming of the Shrew reference. Growing up I was a pretty strong kid, and my mom sometimes referred to me as “Kate the Shrew”. Anyway, long story even longer, there is a musical based on this play, called “Kiss Me Kate”, and it’s a play on that.

Moon Chase: Many years ago, there was talk of a second album. You wrote a beautiful song for your nephew that you performed at Playing for Parker that had The Rivoli in tears – is there any chance of this track being released?

Katie Griffin: Ha! That second album is still being talked about. I have six songs. Four more, and it’s an album! Work and having two boys just seemed to get in the way. Making an album is an all or nothing process for me. If I can’t commit 100% of myself, I just don’t want to do it. Oh, did I mention I’m a perfectionist. lol. Awwww, that’s so nice that you remember that song. I actually did record it. If I were more technically inclined, I would somehow post it for you, but I really have no idea how to do that. Send it as an attachment?? The track will never be released on an album, but it’s a very special, personal song, and I’m glad I have it as a demo.

Moon Chase: Which do you prefer – acting on camera or acting in voice for cartoons and why?

Katie Griffin:I would be a complete hypocrite to say that I didn’t want to act on camera any more, but the truth is, I’m pretty sure I’m a better voice actress. I love being a cartoon. I’m kinda good at it, and I’m a lucky duck to be able to make a good living at it, so if for some crazy reason I HAD to choose, I’ve had a much better relationship with my voice career, and that’s where my loyalty would lie.

Moon Chase: The Rhythmoband method isn’t in use much any more, but some actors preferred this method over the beep method (and found it more fun to record using Rhythmoband). Which one do you prefer and why?

Katie Griffin: I prefer to do original animation!!! Hahaha. Rythmoband or ANY form of dubbing is a challenge, because aside from stifling your acting, it’s a challenge to be that accurate, while giving a performance you’re proud of. The beep method is a little easier, though.

Amanda: When is your birthday?

Katie Griffin:January 14th, 1973. Yup! I’m turning 40 in January!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ….I’m really not looking forward to it.

Moon Chase: How did you find out about the auditions for Sailor Moon and what was the audition like?

Katie Griffin: The original Darien/Tuxedo Mask, Rino Romano and I were good friends, and he suggested to the Producer that she should audition me. I got the audition, and truthfully I didn’t think much of it after I left. I couldn’t believe it when I booked it!

Moon Chase (and Corey): Was Sailor Mars the only character you auditioned for or played in the series?

Katie Griffin: I think so. Susan Roman said she auditioned for Sailor Moon, but I’m pretty sure I auditioned for Sailor Mars from the get-go.

Moon Chase: How did you come up with the right voice for the role? Was it hard to come up with a voice that could be sort of a bully, yet sweet at times?

Katie Griffin: Ha! When I auditioned I no idea she was a bully. I actually never saw her that way. I always felt like she and Serena were just different personalities, but they loved each other like sisters, and FOUGHT like sisters do. I always felt like they were the closest of friends.

Moon Chase: How many episodes did you record a week? Was it hard to sustain her voice for long periods of time (especially when she had to yell a lot)?

Chris T: Was it difficult to take care of your voice while playing Raye/Sailor Mars (because of all the shouting)?

Katie Griffin: It was sooooooo long ago. I was just a pup. My voice could really endure a lot. Now, I take care of it a lot more. …tea, rest etc. We sometimes recorded two or three episodes a day, but I don’t remember ever feeling like my voice was strained. I play Alex on Totally Spies, and her voice is super high-pitched. I can really only record a couple episodes at a time.

Taylor: Your rendition of “Oh Starry Night” is extremely beautiful and is one of my absolute favourite moments from the show, is there a reason why your version was never released?

Katie Griffin: I remember singing Oh Starry Night, but I can’t remember if it was ever recorded????? I know that when I suggested to the Producer that I could sing it, she told me it had already been recorded. Weird , that they never asked me if I could actually sing.

Moon Chase: Raye was a unique character because she was also a miko (a shrine maiden) in the cartoon. Was this a bit of a culture shock to get used to? Did you do any outside research into Japanese culture to better understand her character?

Katie Griffin: Sadly, no. I wish I had known a lot more about her character back then. It was all pretty fast and furious with the records.

Moon Chase: Do you yourself have anything in common with Sailor Mars’ character?

Katie Griffin:I fight for what I believe in. I’m strong. I’m loyal. …and, I can be a bit stubborn. 🙂

Moon Chase: Sailor Mars was the bully of the group at times. What is your take on the friendship between Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars? Did you base your portrayal of her character on any “mean girls” that you knew? Were any of the scenes involving Serena and Raye challenging from an acting point of view?

Josh2Darien: What were your views/thoughts on the love/hate relationship between Serena & Raye?

Katie Griffin: I never really saw her as a bully. In the beginning, they were fighting over the same guy, so I just thought it was a ‘typical’ girl-battle. But, the truth is, I think that Rei and Serena were best friends. And, best friends fight. It was a personality clash, sometimes. Perhaps, viewing it that way, having that internal back story made the fighting easier to digest.

esahC: What exactly was the illness that cause you to not voice Rei for “The Lost Episodes”?

Katie Griffin: There was a lot of speculation as to why I didn’t record some of the episodes. The truth is, I went to L.A. for a while, and the show wouldn’t do a ‘phone patch’ while I was there. My good friend Emilie stepped in for those episodes until I got back. She is a tremendous actor, and I thought she was brilliant as Rei!! When I came back, she actually continued on as Sailor Venus!

ChibiGinger: Was it hard getting back into voicing Sailor Mars, after hearing someone else do her voice?

Katie Griffin: Nope. I had done so many episodes at that point, that I felt pretty comfortable coming back. Also, the truth is, I didn’t actually hear Emilie’s voice as Rei until much later. I thought we sounded pretty close!!

Moon Chase: Do you wish things would have worked out for Raye and Chad in the end? Or do you think she could have done better than him?

Katie Griffin: I totally wish that!! Chad was awesome, and he reeeeeeeally liked Raye!! (or Rei….I guess the English version is spelled Raye 🙂 )

Moon Chase: In December 2010 in Japan, the 5 actresses who played the 5 Sailor Scouts all got together for a reunion to celebrate the launch of the half-season boxsets in Japan. A lot of them spoke about how they felt for their characters during the worst battles they had to fight – did you ever feel like this was the case for you sometimes during the recording sessions?

Katie Griffin: This is a tricky question. I guess my honest response is, obviously I wanted Raye to come out strong, and survive, but I never got the script ahead of time, so I really didn’t have a lot of time to digest what was happening! I had to just hope for the best, and go for it!!

Moon Chase: What was your most memorable experience recording the series?

Katie Griffin: I had really great time recording this series. The people made it memorable for me. I can’t think of one specific moment. I just felt good going in and coming out of each and every record.

Salvatore: Do people recognize you as the voice of Sailor Mars?

Katie Griffin: Not really. My everyday voice is a lot different than Sailor Mars. Unless I specifically do her voice, I remain anonymous!!!

Anne: Did you have a favorite episode or scene? What was it like recording it?

Katie Griffin: I really liked the Raye/Chad/ Grandfather scenes. I can’t think of one specific scene, but I liked taking a breather from always butting heads with Serena.

Josh2Darien: Have you ever seen the final season (Sailor Stars) of the show? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Katie Griffin: No, I haven’t!!! I would love to see it! I should try to find it.

Moon Chase: Did you ever think that this show would have become such a huge phenomenon around the world?

Katie Griffin: I knew that it was huge in Japan. There was just soooooooo much merchandise out there. But, never in a million years could I have predicted the impact the show would have on so many people. When I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago, I was blown away by the support for the show!!!
Note: Katie is referring to her appearance at Anime Revolution 2012

Tpirandsailormoon: Have you read [any of] the manga or [watched] the original Japanese anime of the series?

Katie Griffin: Truthfully, no. Vancouver was the first time I had ever even heard of the manga! I watched the original Japanese anime series every week during our recording sessions. We would watch the scene in Japanese first, and then record it in English.

Moon Chase: Do you have any Sailor Moon merchandise?

Katie Griffin: I have a TON of Sailor Moon merchandise! Because it was my very first series, I was very proud to be a part of it. I went to little China here in Toronto, and bought sooooooo much stuff. I have posters, backpacks, glasses, trading cards, keychains. My favourite is this comb/mirror set. Sailor Moon had the coolest merchandise ever!!!

Moon Chase: What do you think made Sailor Moon a special cartoon when it first broke out onto the scene?

Katie Griffin: I think Sailor Moon was special for a few reasons, first of all I found it pretty empowering that GIRLS were fighting all these bad guys. When this series came out, most of the action animation were guys fighting evil. Second of all, there were different Sailor scouts with different personalities, so girls (and guys) could relate to their favourites and role play! And, finally I think that each of the Sailor Scouts had very detailed back stories, and it became more than just a show. The characters were very REAL!

ChibiGinger: Were you upset that the last season was never [dubbed]? Did you even know [anything about it]?

Katie Griffin: I was upset when it ended. I didn’t even realize there was another season. Politics entered the picture, and that was the end.

Moon Chase: What do you think is Sailor Moon’s legacy, almost 17 years later?

Katie Griffin: Hmmmmmm, good question. I’ll have to think about this one. I’ll come back to it.

Moon Chase (and everyone else including Zozonae, Ecoreck, Jigglypuff2cute, tpirandsailormoon and Anne): If there was a complete redub of the series or a dub of the very last season, would you reprise your role if given the chance to?

(Note: one of the fans chose to extend this question…)

Jigglypuff2cute: and do you think they should just [rate] the last season as PG-13 [because] of certain things in it? … If they try to keep the last season (if they decide to air it in the US) rated for kids, it just wont be the same and there will be A LOT of confusion from all the [cuts]. I know I was kinda confused when I saw the sailor scouts first die. I didn’t even know they were dead untill I saw the ghosts giving princess Serenity power.

Katie Griffin: I would absolutely reprise my role, if asked!! It’s all going to depend on who gets the series. If it’s done in the US, I’m quite certain they’ll recast. I’m also pretty sure that regardless of where it goes, Canada/US it will get a PG-13 rating. I wish they would just leave it as is, but as ‘free’ as our countries are, there is always censorship. It’s a shame. I would love to see the show left in its truest form.

Moon Chase: Michie Tomizawa, the woman who played Sailor Mars in Japan commented at the event that she always features Sailor Moon on her resume because it has such a leading presence – do you share the same sentiments?

Katie Griffin: I don’t really have a voice over resume. Sailor Mars is a huge part of me, and if I’m auditioning for any form of animation and someone asks me what I’ve done, I always say Sailor Moon first. But, in Canada your voice resume (which people don’t really have) and on camera resume are totally different.

esahC: Did you [use] your experience on Sailor Moon to your advantage for other [shows], like your role in Totally Spies?

Katie Griffin: Not really. Maybe, I used my confidence from Sailor Moon, but Alex and Raye are soooooooooooo different. The only thing they have in common is the ability to kick some ass!!

Taylor: You’ve played goofball roles like Alex from Totally Spies, mean girl roles like Nina from Braceface and the mix of the two in Sailor Mars’ character, what kind of character do you like playing most?

Katie Griffin: Nina from Braceface was really fun to voice. I don’t think I have one single thing in common with Nina, so it was fun playing that role. I guess in the end, I like playing badass kind of characters. I was the original Ruby, on the show, Max & Ruby, but there was nothing badass about that bunny, and I really didn’t enjoy playing her that much. I also played Zair on Redakai. She’s pretty badass. Fun to play!!

Moon Chase: Of all the cartoon characters you have played, which one is your favorite and why?

Salvatore: Would you say playing Raye was one of your favorite roles?

Zozonae: What would you say was your most favourite role as a voice actor/actress and why?

Katie Griffin: Raye was my first voice over character ever, so she’s always going to be one of my favourites. But, I love Alex on Totally Spies because she’s such a sweetie, and a little ditzy. ….and yet, you wouldn’t want to mess with her.

Moon Chase: A long time ago you used to teach through Voiceworx – what was this experience like and do you have any inspiring stories from the classroom?

Katie Griffin: Teaching at Voiceworx was a little outside of my box. I loved sharing knowledge to people just breaking into the business, because it IS such a tough nut to crack. Hopefully, I was helpful to some.

Moon Chase: We came across an old interview you did with Animerica Magazine where you said you were training in Kung Fu and at the time you had a Blue Belt (this was waaayyy back in 1997). How much farther did you get? (NOTE: We have this scanned).

Katie Griffin: Ooooooh, I miss Kung Fu. I was obsessed. I was training for my brown belt when I left. I started to feel like the place I was training at was corrupt. I got a little disillusioned by it all, and took a break. ….a really looooong break. I’m going to train again someday. I love Kung Fu. I own over 80 Kung Fu movies!!! A lot of Golden Harvest productions from waaaaay back. Five Deadly Venoms is the BEST!!!

Moon Chase: Did you ever have any moments when you were training or sparring where you felt like Sailor Mars in the midst of battle at all?

Katie Griffin: Always. (wink)

Moon Chase: Any other upcoming productions that your fans can see you in?

Katie Griffin: I just recorded a Christmas special for CBC called, “The Magic Hockey Skates”. Not sure when it will air, but I play Mom, and a couple other characters. Also, if you’re in Canada I have a couple of commercials on the air right now, Wallmart (where the little boy is deciding between a ganola bar or a fruit cup) and a Baby Tylenol commercial, where it’s me and my real son, Wyatt!!! (that will be the only time I put him in the business, until he can decide for himself. My agent kind of talked me into bringing him, and I just looked at it as, ‘bring a kid to work’ day!) Oh well, it’s a start to his University or travel or whatever fund! My other little man, Jett, has absolutely no interest in acting.

Moon Chase: And with that, we have to blow out the temple flame! Thanks again Katie for this interview and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

Katie Griffin: Thanks!!! xo

July Moonie News Updates

Hi Moonies! I’m still in the midst of travelling and a big move, but I have a few days to catch up on the big news (I apologize to our readers for being late on this but there were a lot of things beyond my control). I will also apologize for stating early on that Kotono Mitsuishi and Toru Furuya would return to their roles – this came from an article that I had read early in the morning of the 20th Anniversary Event, but I have been unable to find again. I was going with what I was reading that morning because the internet at the hotel I was at kept cutting in and out and I missed a lot of the event (I hope to watch it soon). The upcoming anime is still very early in the development stages, and nothing has been set in stone yet. Naoko Takeuchi has posted a new Moon Photo to Sailor Moon Channel, and for the first time there is an official translation provided by Kodansha Comics Japan. Out of respect, since an official one exists, we will not translate this for Moon Chase. Kodansha Comics Japan has also posted a wonderful blog post in English talking about the highlights of the event.

About.com Manga has posted a transcript of relevant questions for Sailor Moon fans from Kodansha USA’s recent panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. With respect to the artbooks, they are still in limbo (as far as we know). The artbooks were announced for release during the beginning of the revival in 2009, but Naoko Takeuchi had pulled the rights for them sometime after. As of November of last year, the artbooks are still being withheld. We here at Moon Chase appreciate everything Kodansha USA has done and will continue to do for Sailor Moon.

Today’s Fine Print? I nearly forgot about an article with a juicy tidbit from 2chan a few years ago. In my communications with all companies involved I had gotten the sense that everything Sailor Moon needed to be handled with kid gloves and that the creator had a stronghold on the series and what was done with it. A month ago, I learned something else interesting about a visit by Naoko Takeuchi to Texas a few years ago (she even visited Funimation) from a Funimation VA. But I’m not ready to let go of that factoid just yet (it had NOTHING to do with a redub of Sailor Moon, before you start speculating). Tangents aside, talk of a new series must have happened quickly and recently, and was probably dependent on the international success of the series. So thanks to Moonies all over the world for supporting Sailor Moon strongly during this revival ☺.

New Sailor Moon Costumes are on the Way!

We’d like to thank our reader Sea Sixtythousand for sharing this sighting with us! Buycostumes.com has a Sailor Moon costume, as well as a new Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask costume available for pre-order, and we have confirmed that these are official costumes produced by Leg Avenue. Our contact at Leg Avenue has also informed us that Hot Topic will not be carrying any Sailor Moon costumes this year and that these costumes will be available exclusively online through buycostumes.com. Furthermore, those of you who have asked for larger sizes are in luck this year, as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars will be available in both regular and plus sizes! The Tuxedo Mask costume is the first we’ve heard of an official costume for men anywhere, so guys who are interested in cosplaying as their favorite male sidekick are also in luck this year! We’d like to take this time to mention that the “Anime Adult Boots” and “Anime Adult Wig” are not officially licensed Sailor Moon products. The boots are a part of Ellie Shoes’ Let’s Party line, and Ellie Shoes makes the best, long lasting, colored boots of all the costume companies in the industry. So if you are comfortable wearing stick heels, the boots are worth buying if you plan to cosplay as Sailor Moon for a while. We have been unable to confirm the manufacturer of the wig as of this writing. For those fans who are also wondering why there are costumes for Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask, but no other characters, this decision was made by buycostumes.com. We are still sorting through your responses on the costumes part of our survey (and will continue to do so when we get the last of our responses). Leg Avenue is still making the costumes, and rest assured your comments will get to them. If there are other characters you would like to see costumes of, please take our latest survey (link is in the post directly below this one).