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We’ve Got a Heartwarming Shokotan Story!

Hey readers – I’ve been talking with The Me and we are both aware how much you are missing reading articles and seeing commercials – believe me, we’re having a tough time trying to find time to get these things done. For most of the year now I’ve been taking on a few computer consultant/web development jobs and the latter has kept me busy (and stressed beyond my mind, as anyone who has had to do anything for a less-than-ideal boss can understand). The good news is that it appears that most of the stars in Japan haven’t been up to a lot lately so look forward to seeing a News From The Other Side of the Pond in a few days that will not be split up by Sailor Moon production (though it’s sad that the actors are up to little, it actually makes our lives easier when we bing the stories to you!). We’ve also got some exciting Flashpoint news from around the world to share with you this upcoming week, and an exhibit in Japan with features Sailor Moon.

In the meantime though, we read this really heartwarming and charming story about Shoko “Shokotan” Nakagawa on Kotaku, one of the best blogs for geek culture. We all try to hit this one a few times a week when we have time to kill. Tokyo Game Show (like E3 but some of it is open to the public) just ended, and Shoko appeared at the con to sing at a concert and from the picture here, it looks like she was there for some Pokemon promotion as well. We’re not sure if the story in this post is true about the editor’s son wanting to marry Shoko because she is pretty and knows lots about Pokemon, but we would not be surprised if it was! Shoko is one of the few idols who is always candid about the anime, manga, and games that she loves, even if the tabloids make fun of her for it. Hey, if you were a little kid and had an idol like this to look up to, chances are you’d want to spend the rest of your life with this person☻! Shoko once again ruffled the feathers of the tabloids when she posed for pictures in Sailor Moon cosplay with popular “newhalf” model , Ayana Tsubaki. Ayana is one of Japan’s most popular transexual models, so of course while some parts of culture accept her, others don’t. The article did say that Ayana looked impressive in her Sailor Mars cosplay – and we think so too. Aside from her boots, we thought she did a good job! Shoko remarked on her post that it’s good to make lots of friends and that it was nice to cosplay with a friend as Sailor Moon characters since it’s a story that her generation really enjoyed. She ended the post with an ascii character hugging “⊂二二(^ω^)二二つ”. We don’t care what anyone says about her, but she is probably the coolest of all the idols in our opinion because of her love of cosplay and anime! We’ve posted the picture here for you all to see.

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