Another Idol Names Sailor Moon as her Favorite!

Once again, an idol that was a part of Morning Musume has stated in an interview that her favorite anime is Sailor Moon! Eri Kamei, who was part of the group in 2003, is currently starring in a Sanrio anime, Jewelpet. She plays Rinko Kogyoku, a red-headed student who happens to come upon a special jewel egg, and awakens Ruby, a white rabbit with red eyes. Together, they must find and save all the jewelpets and bring them back to Jewel Land! Of course, being a Sanrio property, it’s too full of cute! Jewelpet also has a Sailor Moon connection – Mitsuko Horie (Sailor Galaxia) sings the show’s ending theme, “Egao no Loop” (literally: Smiling Loop). She sat down for an interview with Sankei MSN to talk about her six months so far on the show. She admits that she was very nervous when she started, and had a hard time getting her voice just right, but has since settled into her role and has a lot of support from her other castmates. It was a challenging transition for her as well, since she was so used to working on a performance in a group, and now she was working on a performance all by herself! She then gave a few episode spoilers and talked about what she wants in her ideal “Prince Charming” (he has to be smart). She was then asked about what her favorite anime was and which star she respected the most. She said that her favorite anime is Sailor Moon, because all girls grew up with that show when she was young! She said that she really wanted to be a magical girl with powers, and that she was happy to be playing a magical girl in Jewelpet. She said that she has the most respect for all of her costars in Jewelpet, because they are so remarkable in their voice and performance. She is very impressed and holds them in her highest respect! She hopes that children everywhere who dream of being magical will enjoy this show just as much as she does, and thanked her fans. Such a heartwarming interview, and we hope to read of fond stories from idols again!

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  1. PQ Says:

    Eri Kamei is still a member of Morning Musume. Eri Kamei dressed up in a Sailor Moon outfit for an episode of their weekly show Hello! Morning in 2005. (Episode title is Hello! Morning 5th Gen vs 6th Gen Fiery Survival Death Match!)

    Here's a short video I found of her for reference.

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