Another Gravure Idol Covers Sailor Moon Songs

Warning, this article is for older readers only!

It seems Sailor Moon is very popular among gravure idols in Japan – we talk a lot about Shoko Nakagawa on this blog, but we are going to introduce you to someone else. Meet Rina Akiyama, a gravure idol who loves cosplay. Our toku fans may know her from two Kamen Rider Series, she played Mana Kazaya in Agito, and Naomi in Den-O. Earlier this week, she released a CD single of her covers of two songs from Sailor Moon: Otome no Policy (A Maiden’s Policy) and Moonlight Densetsu, better known as the theme song, Moonlight Legend. The single has been titled Sailor Bishojo Nantettatte Oshirina (How Oshirina Passes for Pretty Soldier). Oshirina is a nickname that was given to Rina and we’ll leave it up to inquiring readers why she has that nickname. But these are no ordinary covers, these are “sexy” covers of the songs. It comes complete with a bonus DVD of her in cosplay singing these songs as well as some making of features. She will also be performing during some public appearances in Japan over the next week or so. Earlier today she appeared in Akihabara for a live event and told reporters that she was able to enjoy singing songs from a series she enjoyed as a child – despite the pressure to put this single out. For anyone adventurous who wants to see the music video of the theme song, go look here. We have to wonder what motivated someone to do such renditions of these songs – and some of us fear listening to them will destroy our happy memories of the songs she performs.

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