Anime North 2013 Con Report (Part 4)

The voice actors featured in this panel were John Stocker, John Swasey, Chris Cason, J. Michael Tatum, and Tyson Rinehart. Fans had the opportunity to ask the actors questions and have them answered in the voice of characters they have played. This was a very amusing panel, even if you’re not familiar with all of the characters that received questions during this panel.

Please note that there is some mature humour during this panel, so we are going to suggest that this is probably not safe to watch at work.

For those of you who would like to watch/hear the panel, our video coverage is below in four parts:

The first question we caught on film featured J. Michael Tatum being asked to do an extended laugh in the voice of France from Hetalia. “France” agreed on the condition that she tell him a joke first. She told him a knock-knock joke:
Fan: Knock Knock
France: Who’s there?
Fan: Doctor
France: Doctor Who?
(followed by laughter)

Incidentally, as J. Michael Tatum mentioned to the audience, the joke was told to the fan by a Doctor Who cosplayer.

The next question for “France” was “what is a sexual act?” – which was answered with mentions of love and Olympics.

John Swasey was up next, after being asked to act out a scenario where Sir Crocodile (One Piece) and Salvador (Borderlands 2) would argue with each other. It was a short argument which Salvador seemed to win. This segued into the fact that sometimes the voices for characters he portrays are very similar. This led into discussion of the possibility of accidentally slipping from the voice of one character into another while working.

J. Michael Tatum talked about an instance where he was playing Sebastian in Black Butler (second season) and also recording as France in Hetalia in the same day. He was having difficulty getting out of the British accent into the French accent. Then he noticed a blue snuggie in the booth and decided to put it on to see if that would help – and it did! He really got into the scene and ever since the blue snuggie is always in the booth when he needs to record as France.

Tyson Rineheart was next asked which two girls one of his characters would take to the future. In character as Daru (Steins: Gate), he said he wouldn’t take girls. He’d take two flash drives full of racy pictures. He wouldn’t know what to say to girls, but he knows how to click. Actually, he would take Stephanie Seymour and a clone of Stephanie Seymour.

How would Captain Crocodile feel in a place that never stopped raining? Crocodile says “It’s like living in Seattle. It sucks!”

Next, France and Rome were asked to explain Hetalia to someone who had never heard of it before, but according to the way fandom describes it. Rome said “it’s a show where people think that we do it all the time. Naked. Sweating. We do it all the time. Bodies intertwined. Hot and passion…” France described it as “a show where countries are personified and there is a lot of implied pairings…”

Then there was a chicken tender song by J. Michael Tatum and Tyson Rineheart, with an explanatory back story by J. Michael Tatum.

Next, John Stocker brought back to the panel and Toad was asked to say “Sorry, Mario, but the princess is in another castle – with these guys!”

This was followed by Daru being asked what he thinks the afterlife would be, even if he were killed by boobs. He said he thought his heavenly reward would include mountains of boobs to frolic on… and all the cleavage as far as the eye could see. But he would occasionally want to take a vacation once in a while to butt world.

Next we found out that J. Micheal Tatum doesn’t have a favourite kind of coffee.

Then, all the gentlemen on the panel greeted the room with “hello, and welcome to the Host club!” in unison.

Rome’s reaction to Italy being a boy was at first surprise and then “it’s okay.”

Then Beastly was asked why he hasn’t gone deaf from the shrieking of his master in Care Bears. He answered that he doesn’t have ears. “it’s a genetic fault. But I’m working on it.”

Then we heard a frantic rant from Komui (D.Gray-man) about why Linalee shouldn’t get married to anyone.

Next question pitted Gendou (Evangelion) and Van Hoheinheim (Fullmetal Alchemist) against each other for the award of worst father. John Swasey said he thinks that they are actually both wonderful fathers and that it isn’t easy to be a father.

Next, Chris Cason’s Mr. Popo was asked about blue popo (Dragonball Z Kai). He said he thought blue popo was an abomination and looked like a giant smurf.

After a few more questions that encouraged many giggles, our cameraman asked if the actors could remember the first line they each had in their voice acting careers. Three of them were death scenes, one was “huh”? and another was “WHAT?!?” which led to J. Micheal Tatum telling the story of how he unexpectedly got into voice acting.

Final question was if there were comfort items or something else that each of them would use to quickly get into character in their roles. They were all pretty much in agreement that using catchphrases or listening to a reference track would help.

Next in the con report will be our video coverage of the Anime North Sailor Moon anniversary panel. Videos are on our Google+ page if you would like to skip ahead.

Until next time!

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