Anime North 2013 Con Report (Part 3)

We attended two industry panels at Anime North this year, one for Crunchyroll and the other for Funimation. If you’ve ever attended an industry panel at an anime convention before, these were pretty typical. Both panels featured company representatives who mainly talked about upcoming releases and showed some trailers. They also took questions from the audience after all of their announcements. Representatives of both companies were open to answering questions, but only about titles that their companies had announced publicly.

Titles announced at the Crunchyroll panel included: Majestic Prince, Oreimo, and Attack on Titan. All of their latest titles available to view on Crunchyroll can also be found at

The Crunchyroll panel was quite short with few announcements. The panel was over in about 30 minutes, rather than the usual 60 minutes allotted for this type of panel. I spoke briefly with the representative and got added to their official press release mailing list. At their booth, convention attendees could sign up for a free trial.

The Funimation panel was longer and pretty similar to other Funimation industry panels. During their announcements, their rep always describes the different titles and what they like about them. Trailers were shown for:

Black Butler (season 2)

Attack on Titan


Date A Live

A Certain Scientific Railguin S

The Devil is a Part Timer

Red Data Girl

One Piece



Steins: Gate

Appleseed XIII

Sophie Mc Nud hosted the Funimation panel and has been working on the new Funimation website. At the time they were still accepting people into the closed beta for their new website. They were also offering advance sales at their booth of Steins: Gate and Appleseed XIII.

Funimation currently has a 30 day free trial offer for fans who would like to check out their premium video service.

Next in the con report will be coverage of the Ask An Anime Character Panel with the male voice actors. Videos are on our Google+ page.

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