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Since our last post about Sailor Moon‘s appearance at ANIME! High Art – Pop Culture in Beverly Hills, we’ve since learned a lot more about it! The exhibit has even gotten some buzz in Japan, with Ellen Harrington, the Director of the Academy saying that this exhibition is in their museum because “”Japanese animation is very popular in America. It has the most profound impact on various media in America”. Special thanks to Frostrubin, who told us a little bit more about it and his involvement. The exhibit started in Germany, then traveled to Denmark, and now it is in Beverly Hills. And we have learned from ANN that it is headed to Belgium next! Frostrubin also tells us that he gave a lot of cels (not just from Sailor Moon) to the exhibition, but he is unsure which ones are being used.

Here, in his words, is the story of how his cels got in the exhibition!

“The exhibition organizers viewed my homepage and asked me, if I am interested to give cels for an exhibition. First I thought this is a fake
(someone wants to get cels for free 😉 but than I got more information ^^ The organizers visited me and had a look for the cels and choose
pieces that would be good for the exhibition. I am always happy to see cels from other collectors, so why not show my cels to others 🙂
I think they asked me because there are not so many collectors around as in USA or Japan and I was nearby”

He also sent us exclusively a few pictures of the exhibition to share with you all in Frankfurt, Germany – and we have to say that they did a much better job of presenting the cels here than they did in the pictures posted from the US exhibition on ANN. You would have thought that since this is a celebration of anime’s pop culture, that there would have been a little more effort in the decor of the gallery. We loved the futuristic pillars, the gallery backlights, section descriptions and the stars painted on the walls in the German exhibit! But the best news of all is that Sailor Moon is featured a LOT in this exhibition. Naoko Takeuchi, we hope that you know about this exhibition – Sailor Moon is still loved around the world, please bring it back!

Sailor Moon Projected on Floor
in Beverly Hills. (Courtesy ANN)
Astroboy and Totoro Hanging
Out in Frankfurt!
Large Section of Wall Devoted
to Sailor Moon in Frankfurt!
Sailor Moon Hanging Out With
The Girls In Frankfurt!

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  1. Senshi Says:

    This is sooo awesome!! I wish I could go there! I hope they’ll stop by NYC, thats where I am from.

    I really hope Naoko see this or hears about this. I bet she’ll really feel proud and who knows, we might get something new! ^-^

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