Anime Blitz Announcement

Hi Moonies! I’ll be doing two panels at Saskatoon Blitz 2013.  Moonie 1995 is unfortunately unable to join me this year due to another commitment (but he’s helped me put things together)!

The first will be on Saturday at 12:00 Noon and is a pet project I’ve been trying to figure out how to do for the last few years.  I’m calling it “Con College 101”, and this will be a panel where older fans who have a deeper appreciation for sci-fi and anime culture can come together and discuss this.  So I’m going to kick it off this year and talk about cyborgs in a panel titled “Can Cyborgs be Human After All?” Some of you may be surprised to know that cyborg feminism is a hobby of mine, and I was encouraged by many of my biology and women’s and gender studies colleagues to do more with it!  I’ll be talking about important concepts and definitions, some popular characters and have some clips to show. I hope to get the audience thinking about the cyborgs of science fiction almost coming to life off the screen and start some discussion to try to think about answers to important questions about whether we are still in the age of the transhuman or if we have progressed to the posthuman.  This is going to be partly based on an academic colloquium I gave over a year ago (along with some updates).  If this is successful, I hope to invite scholars and members of the community to discuss other popular topics at future cons.  Also, I will have a suggestion box there too  – if you have any ideas for topics I should try to find speakers for next year I’d like to know what they are!

The second one is the Moon Chase panel, and it will be later on Saturday at 3:30 and I’ll be talking mostly about what’s new and what’s been going on with Sailor Moon as of late. This includes everything from the new series, to merchandise, to the manga, and of course, last night’s musical announcement as well as whatever is going to be announced later tonight and this week.  I’ll have some products on display too from Buckle-Down that you can’t find in stores easily, and I’ll also be showing the Sailor Moon costumes from both Leg Avenue and Incogneato. I’ll also be making an interview announcement there too before I post it on the site sometime during the next week.  I’ll also have a few of last year’s purple buttons on hand to give away too. I look forward to updating our Saskatoon Moonies as well as answering your questions (or finding answers to questions that I don’t have answers to)!

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