ANIMAX to Broadcast Anime-Reviving Special Marathon!

And Morning Musume Member Reveals Secret Cosplay Fantasy?

It wasn’t too long ago that Yasuo Yamaguchi (legendary anime producer), spoke out on turmoils in the anime industry. Japanese network ANIMAX, will be broadcasting a 24-hour anime marathon beginning on August 22nd at 7 PM. The special, entitled “We Like Anime” is meant to energize Japan about anime again. And, it has quite a bit of star power to help out for this special! Yesterday, a promotional event was held to announce the project, and some of Japan’s most loved idols were there to talk about their involvement in the special, and which anime they liked! These idols were (from left to right) Natsuki Kato (she was in Battle Royale II), Chiaki Kuriyama (who many of you must know from Battle Royale and Kill Bill), Mari Yaguchi (former leader of Morning Musume), and Toshiki Kashu (Kamen Rider Agito). They all shared their stories of how they began to watch anime from kindergarten and of all of the series that had a special place in their hearts (such as Dragon Ball, Evangelion, Rozen Maiden, Detective Conan, and Fist of the North Star). But the really interesting part was when Mari talked about who she wanted to cosplay as! When she was little, she loved Sailor Moon and used to watch anime all day. She still dreams of cosplaying as Usagi Tuskino/Sailor Moon with her long blonde hair! OF course, the news outlets made her seem a little silly for this, but if Shoko Nakagawa can do it, why can’t Mari? We look forward to hearing more about this special and maybe we’ll even see Mari cosplay as our favorite superhero! We think a marathon like this is a step in the right direction to get Japanese people excited about anime again. While as of this moment we are unsure if Sailor Moon will be included, if this is the case, then this will be the first time the show has been on the air ANYWHERE in the world since the end of PGSM. ANIMAX, if you are reading this, please bring back Sailor Moon! It’s long overdue for a return, and if Japan could for a moment, remember this show, many people would be excited to watch anime again as it was one of the biggest hits in the early nineties!!

Many news sites are talking about this event – let’s hope that this marathon helps the anime industry!

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  1. Kungpow Says:

    This is definitely some exciting news and I hope that this gets alot of attention in the coming days. Regardless of some recent mishaps on our side of the playing field (FUNImation's unfortunate accident with One Piece for instance), all of the anime studios should think more about their pocket books and more about the fans that they're trying to attract. This is a good approach by Japan to attract their Otaku. I'm surprised that no one on the US/Canada Front has tried this approach with the countless VAs we have ^^ (hint hint)

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