ANIMAX Finally Posts DVD Collection Press Release!

ANIMAX has finally issued a press release announcing the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon DVD Collection release. It doesn’t say anything new except that it does confirm that they are being printed on dual-layer DVDS, the sound is monaural and there will be textless openings included as extras, and series notes of some sort (for now). The 20th anniversary page lists that features are subject to change, so we may get more extra features (and if fans are going to spend a small fortune on the boxsets, we hope there will be more). Below is our translation of what they wrote in the release (sans the cast, crew, DVD, and plot details). We’ll warn you ahead of time that the sentences are long in the original and we tried our best to adapt them to English grammar.

Sailor Moon DVD-COLLECTION announced! Vol.1 on sale Dec.11!

The landmark girl’s cartoon of the 1990’s Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

It became a booming social phenomenon that far exceeded the realm of a mere TV animation and girls’ comics and animated cartoon in 1992, the TV series lasted for 5 seasons of production, three movies, and spawned several character goods such as dolls and wands that helped to make it become an explosive hit, now finally appears in a DVD-BOX.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon DVD-COLLECTION VOL.1
is put on the market on December 11, 2009, and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon DVD-COLLECTION VOL.2 is put on the market on January 21, 2010.

Collect from 1 story to 24 stories in Vol.1 to 25 stories to 46 stories in Vol.2.

A collection of notes and textless OP / ED are included as special features.

The inner jacket glitters and shines like the stars!

This volume has revived the anime beautifully because of the new print mastering, too.

See the sailor warriors fighting, in a new BOX.

We also updated our DVD post with links to CDJapan and Amazon Japan! If any of our readers find other sites in English that will ship internationally, please let us know so we can add it to the list!

3 Responses to “ANIMAX Finally Posts DVD Collection Press Release!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I really really REALLY wish they would add english subtitles to these sets! If they did I would totally buy them. I don't understand why they don't.. It's not fair. 🙁 That is the one thing that is stopping me from buying them… BTW- will they sets play in Region 1 american players? Or just region 2?

  2. sailordees Says:

    All of us on staff have the same sentiments. If they were subtitled we'd order them in a heartbeat… or if they were maybe 50-60 bucks it would be a little easier.

    They will only play on Region2 players, but there are easy ways to modify American DVD players. I won't say any more >.> *cough* PHILIPS BRAND *cough*

  3. Jim! Says:

    I will not buy them because I already bought all the dvds (except 3 of the fifth season) in the previous release. Then, the only extra material was textless opening and ending and trailers from tv that you could watch in the ending of the Sailor Moon Memorials. In addition, the series is not remastered, they are the same dvds!! However, it is said that they will include a collection of notes. I wonder what it means.

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