An Apology to the Fans From the Impostor

The words below mark the first steps that the Impostor is taking to make amends.

To the fans of Sailor Moon

I have to give you my most sincere and needed apology. What I have done is probably unforgivable to most, but to those of you willing to accept my request for forgiveness I would be so happy. I have annoyed and distressed a lot of you, and questioning and doubting the actresses’ relationships with their fans. And for this, I am truly sorry. I want you to know that I am not a bad person. I have done some bad things which I vow to never do such things again. My interest in Sailor Moon is gone and I will be walking away from this community that has given me so many laughs in the past few years. I cannot begin to say just how sorry I am. Words can not describe my inner thoughts. I know a lot of people will hate me, and will never forgive me, which I completely understand and respect.

Some of the best people I’ve met online have been you Sailor Moon Fans, and I have definitely betrayed you. You certainly are a dedicated group of people, to which I owe a great and blue apology. This letter is probably very, very bad, but I really am sorry. I cannot be anymore sorry. If I could turn back time, and be rid of this whole mess I would, you have no idea how fast I would take that opportunity. I just want this entire thing to go away, to be gone, to make things right, This is what I have to do to fix this. You fantastic people deserve to have an apology, even the apology of a scumbag like me. I do not want you to feel any sympathy for me, I know you don’t. But, just to be clear, I know I do not deserve any ounce of sympathy from you, from anyone. I should be giving you sympathy.

Yes, it’s true. I have been asked to write this apology, but that wouldn’t have stopped me from making an apology to you anyway. I am extremely sincere, legit. I’ve never been more so.

I need all of you to know that I am also sorry for something I did quite some time ago. The rumour that ‘Sailor Moon was returning’ was, which most people know, did not happen. I created the ‘sucky’ rumour it was back. But only because I wanted the Television guides to have more exposure. I did initially think it was returning, but then I realised it wasn’t. Moon Chase did an incredible job looking in to the rumour, seeing if it was actually returning. I am extremely sorry, again, for this.

People always make mistakes. Life didn’t come with instructions. But I can honestly say I have learned a lot from mine, I will not be doing anything like this again, and you can be sure! I just hope you can forgive me. The guilt has been rising up inside me, it may sound crazy but I cannot express just how sorry I am. I know it’s just words but I am so, so, so, so, serious about how apologetic I am it’s unreal.


Understand how sorry I am. I know I am going to get a lot of hate. Hate I deserve. I don’t want anyone to think I don’t care. I really do care about what I’ve done to a lot of people. I am incredibly sorry. I hope you know just how sorry I am.
Please forgive me.

From Moon Chase: If you have any images of this blonde woman lingering on your own forums, sites, or blogs, please remove them. Both the Impostor and this woman do not want her image to further be associated with Linda Ballantyne, and for the fans who still have these images up, please remove them.

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  1. ChibiGinger Says:

    Thank you. This means a lot to the fans. I forgive you. 🙂

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