All Surveys Are Now Closed!

Just a quick post to say THANK YOU MOONIES! We are hoping to have our report finished very soon and sent off to the companies involved. After that, we will post the results from both surveys. We received a grand total of 1331 survey responses (809 from Phase 1 and 522 from Phase 3)! We have some very exciting plans that we can’t wait to refine for Phase 4, and we are hoping to get those details posted sometime in November. For now though, if you have not sent in a letter please do – especially to Toei’s offices in California. We have posted the appropriate contacts and addresses exclusively in our forums. While we are sending everyone involved our survey results and relevant fan comments from our inbox, forums, and site, it is absolutely crucial that you fans tell them your side of the story in a letter. This is also a great chance for fans to get their friends involved as well, especially those who did not fill out either of our previous surveys.

At this time, we wish to thank every fan and site which has helped promote our surveys since they began in May – we would not have been able to achieve this without you! Your continued help and support means a lot to each and every one of us on staff. To all of our readers, thanks for listening and not giving up hope on Sailor Moon. Just like the Senshi, when we all pull together, we are capable of overcoming any challenge that comes our way! Thanks again Moonies – a major part of our campaign has been completed and you all deserve to celebrate!

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  1. esahC Says:

    If this works, I'm going to eat a hat.

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