Akihabara Cosplayers Turning More Conservative?! And Sailor Moon Featured on Massive Anime Song Compilation!

Sorry Moonies, news has been a little slow for the last few days. Today’s updates are small potatoes, but nonetheless we’ll give them to you so we have at least something new for you all to read!

Akihabara Girls Don’t Cosplay Quite Like They Used To!

Earlier this week we came across an interesting article out of Japan about current cosplay trends. The first sentence of this article read “Summer, which is commonly assumed to be the season of love, started to ring the death knell.” Women continued to fall in love, but not as much as usually expected because of bad weather this year. However, what about Akihabara girls? In Japan, Akihabara girls have a certain reputation to be these happy, lighthearted, people who are always experimenting with new fashion trends as well as cosplay. Usually they have no boundaries, and many angle their cosplay to find a boyfriend, but this summer, everything changed. We’ve posted a picture from th

The writer saw a 20-year-old college girl from Saitama cosplaying and posing for pictures, however she was not cosplaying to find a boyfriend, and was pretty conservative in her choice of costume. She participated in more indoor photo sessions over outdoor ones because she was too hot outside. While many people continue to cosplay in Sailor Suits, they aren’t as great as they used to be, leaving many wanting more. This can be seen as a positive thing because at least the girls aren’t being “eaten up like meat” anymore. However, there are some women who still parade dangerously – one woman who was alone at 11:00 at night was hit during a photoshoot. The writer joked that the women were more scared of droning cicadas than men! The trend more or less continued at the Otaku Summer Festival and Comiket. The writer also remarked that many young otaku boys like to watch the cosplayers because they think they are the 2-D characters that they have fallen in love with! Among the toned-down cosplays the writer observed was a 19 year old who dressed up like Sailor Moon. He finished the article by saying felt shy, and awkward, and wondered if the men weren’t being aggressive enough to bring out better cosplayers. Next year, he plans to dress up like Goku. This article was kind of silly, we’re pretty sure that toned-down cosplay is not a trend throughout Japan.

Sailor Moon Theme to be Featured on New Upcoming Mega-Compilation!

It seems that anime is destined to save Japan from recession, and that many companies in Japan are bringing back everything old in a new way so that the economy can recover. One of our good site friends who happens to be an industry watcher, told us in January that Sailor Moon would return – however, we didn’t believe him then… boy were we wrong! While the state of the Sailor Moon manga for the time being appears to be dormant, we’ve learned of yet another anime song compilation! Beginning on October 15th, and once a month afterwards, 10 albums will be released with 10 remixes of popular songs from anime series. Take7 Japan is releasing these albums under the series name Mega Denpa, and the songs will be arranged to brighter music and house mixes. Some Japanese vocalists will be spearheading these remixes, including Monalina, P☆B-Rw, and Maririn. @n-Guilla Sounds will be doing all the arranging! Included on the first album is a remix of the first Sailor Moon theme song, Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend). The name of this remix is the oddest one we’ve ever heard for a remix, ever – “Moonlight Densetsu” Heavy Metal⇔Lingerie Mix. Errrm… okay… we’ll wait to hear that one before considering buying the album. Also included on this first release is a remix of the first opening from Yoshihiro Togashi’s Yu Yu Hakusho“Smile Bomb” the House ☆ ☆ Punch Mix, and a remix of one of our favorite songs from Slayers Next“Give a reason” Meeting of High-Speed Confessions Mix. Fans can click here and scroll to the bottom for a preview of 4 of the songs.

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