A Random Interlude

Hey Moonies, while we work out the technical issues we’re having with the commercial post, we’ve got a couple treats that we stumbled upon.

First we have a clip from the variety show SMAPxSMAP. We’ve featured clips from them before as they sometimes have English speaking celebrities and musical guests visit. This time though, they’ve done a Dark Knight parody, featuring a rather docile Joker running into a very angry man!

SMAPxSMAP Dark Knight Joker Parody –
Seeing the Joker on his knees, apologizing is just hilarious!

And for another cultural crossover, we have the Japanese group Shonen Knife singing their version of Top of the World by the Carpenters on a recent episode of Music Japan. This particular cover was featured on the 1994 album “If I were a Carpenter” as one of three International groups lending their style to the Carpenters’ songs.

Shonen Knife – Top of the World – The Carpenters –


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