A post used to be here…

Due to the drama fans are causing behind this and the real perpetrators behind this hoax not admitting their lies, we have had to archive this post privately. The latest twist for those of you with your bowls of popcorn laughing at the drama, is that the person who began this was the “ex best friend” of someone else on youtube who hacked her account and sent a fake email. We don’t know who is telling the truth at this point, but we have decided to remove this post so that this drama hopefully does not continue.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind the fans that no one has any different permissions than anyone else to upload FANSUBS or FANDUBS from any of the companies involved. If you uploaded content that was previously removed, don’t upload it again on youtube. We can’t tell fans what and what not to upload, so please exercise caution and gauge your risks of whether or not you think your content is going to get removed.

And, no more faking emails from reps of Toei Animation Inc. okay? They have enough to deal with and they really don’t appreciate having to deal with their own impostors (we know their pain all too well). Another word of caution, they (and others) also don’t publicly post their emails for people who are responsible for monitoring digital content (however, we know how to get to the appropriate people). If ever you have any questions about your content feel free to send us an email at moonchasers@NOSPAMPLXKTHXgmail.com and we’ll forward your message to the right person.

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