A New Moon Rises!

A New Moon Rises March 8th, 2007!

Hey there Sailor Moon fans! The New Year brings something that has been in the works for a few months. Welcome to Moon Chase! Where the staff strives to bring you happenings in the Sailor Moon World in Technicolor! With pictures! On the interwebs!

We’re still trying to get things together but we’re hoping to bring fans a few features. One is a better bridge between the Voice Actors and the fans by providing more frequent updates on their whereabouts and whenever possible, reviews of their productions. Another is interesting occurrences of Sailor Moon in the media, be it sightings or mentions. Lastly, on the lighter side of things, merchandise finds all over the net and anything else we feel like writing or commenting about!

For the full Moon Chase experience, we recommend guests use the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Netscape to browse this site. We have had problems with Internet Explorers 6 and 7 with how they choose to display our header, among other things. We tried to fix it, but in the tech world we have noticed a shift from Internet Explorer to other (better) browsers and we encourage our readers to make the switch! These browsers have more features and are more secure than Internet Explorer, and if you have not played with any of them yet, you will see what we mean when you do! We have provided links to these other browsers in our Points of Interest sidebar at the top.

As a special note to our Canadian readers, we’re going to try to bring you another perspective on the state of anime in Canada, something that is sometimes under-reported or missed on other sites. Canada is the home of not only Sailor Moon but also other anime productions, and it’s only reasonable that Canada gets the same attention as other countries.

Eventually, I will be posting my older articles from the SOS mailing lists with pictures and a few edits where warranted. There have been so many big, big sightings over the years and sadly I have been unable, given the format, to post pictures (when I could find them) next to the text. I want to make this perfectly clear, though: this blog is in no way affiliated with SOS; I will only be reposting articles and releases that I have written (since they are my own work).

We are always excited to hear your comments! You can comment at the bottom of each post. However, we want to tell you two things: while we will allow anonymous posting, we’d really like to know who’s commenting and prefer it if you posted a name (real or fake) at the bottom of your comment. We have also enabled comment moderation to keep spam out. One of us will be looking at the comments at least 2-3 times a week to keep out the spam or trolls. If you have a Gmail account (or any Google account), use this to log in to Blogger – they are all under the Google umbrella.

Linking to our site? Please let us know! We’d love to link to your site in our Points of Interest Sidebar! If you would like to send us email, you can contact us at moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZKTHXgmail.com .
Thanks for visiting!
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