A Few Quick, Yet Interesting Sailor Moon News References!

Sometimes, we run across small references in news stories that are best described in one sentence. And though in the past we’ve stretched these references and done full posts on them, it’s a little time consuming, especially if the reader is going to go ahead and read the article anyway. So, we’re going to post these stories in a different format and try this out for a few weeks. This is only going to be done for articles in English – but those in Japanese (or if in rare instances, French), will be summarized and/or translated. If our readers have any suggestions or comments about this new format, please let us know by sending us an email – our address is posted at the bottom of this page.

Without Further Ado…

In Prince George, British Columbia ,Rebecca Conway, an independent artist and entrepreneur of Blue Hair Manga cited Sailor Moon as one of her top influences!
This blog has a commentary on the evolution of Mixx to Tokyopop and argues that Tokyopop tends to forget it’s roots in Mixx.
This Analytical Essay looks at the recent rise of Japanese Cartoon characters, and asks the question “who deserves the credit?”
A woman soccer player in Kentucky has been given a nickname just because she loves Sailor Moon!
Some fans at a college campus cosplay year round – even if there isn’t a con! Their costumes are part of their regular wardrobe!
☼While we’re talking about cosplay, check out these qualifiers from Germany for the 2008 World Cosplay Summit in Japan!
And behold this new fashion trend. Wearing brightly colored makeup that is influenced by Sailor Moon is in this season! We’d still rather wear Versach though (yes, Versach, not Versace).

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