A Couple Survey Guidelines…

Hey everyone – all of us on staff thank you all who have finished the survey, but we have a lot more to go! We’ve been noticing a few things in these last few days as we’ve been monitoring the results to see how the survey is going and we ran into a couple problems. So here are a couple other things to take into consideration when you are doing the survey.

1. FUNImation actors only! We’ve had a lot of suggestions for actors who have not appeared on any Funimation shows , or even any anime for that matter. We will include your suggestions in the report, but just keep in mind that unless these actors have been in a FUNImation production they are not likely to be taken seriously. Actors who have done their voice work on cartoons from Fox, Nickelodeon, or Disney, are probably not going to wow the execs. Although some fans would enjoy seeing (for example), Jodi Benson‘s take on Sailor Moon, it probably isn’t going to happen.

EDIT: Real people only. We will not be including fictional suggestions in our package. Yes, we thought you would all take this survey seriously, but when you see Weena Mercator suggested for everything, we wonder what other surprises people will come up with.

2. Please complete the survey! It is very important for statistical purposes that you answer all the questions and don’t close the window mid-survey. You cannot resume this survey once you have started. This is why we posted the questions in a post ahead of time. We tried to keep it as short as possible, and we’re sorry if it is still taking too long. The next one isn’t going to require any background like this one did, and it will be much shorter and faster.

3. Don’t check off every option in those questions that allow you to pick more than one option, unless you really want them all. This is especially becoming true in the question about the production crew. You may think to yourself, “it has been a long survey, I’ve spent too much time on this already, so I’m just going to click every one and be done with it”. For every person who does that, there are ten more who do, and then our results become pretty even among them all making us hard to tell which ones are wanted the most!

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