A BIG Thank You!

Hey Moonies! We’d like to thank every single person who took the Operation Moonrise Phase 5 survey on the first day and of course, everyone who has taken it since and will take it in the month to come!

Our very first survey had just 15 responses on the first day, and our second only 30. Phase 4 (survey #3) did much better at 72, but this survey just takes the cake! 221 surveys in just 24 hours! We’re already past 300 at the moment!

We’re confident we can reach our goal of 500 by the end of the weekend, but don’t worry, the survey will still be available until Monday August 29th at Midnight, so keep those surveys pouring in! All together, we’ll not only show our opinions, but just how many Moonies there are who still care and still want the series back!


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