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The Death of Alice Blue Wins Some Awards!

But Does This Mean The Film Is Any Closer To A Wider Release? Well, it finally looks like a movie that was shot years ago involving two VAs is finally on a roll. Vampire flick The Death of Alice Blue won three awards at The Accolade Competition! The movie won an Award of Excellence for […]

North American VA Update for November 2009 – Part 1

Hey, everyone. We have quite a few recent sightings of the North American voice actors for you! This post covers recent and current projects, but we’ll also be letting you know about upcoming projects in part two of this multi-part article. Keep an eye out for more sightings! Dennis Akayama (Malachite) will be appearing in […]

North American VA Update: July 2009!

Hi Moonies! We’ve got another North American VA exclusive for you all at the end (we always save the best things for last)! The Death of Alice Blue to Finally Have Canadian Premiere! A movie we have been following for a very long time is finally going to premiere in its home country! The Death […]

North American VA Sightings March 2009 – Part 1!

Vampires, Kiddie Music, VAs Reuniting on a Daring New Cartoon, and A Dash of Sugar! Hey Moonies! I have a feeling this is going to have to be broken into at least 2 parts, but we have EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS that I just couldn’t wait to share with you all. So far this week is […]

NA VA News (Part One)

Alice Blue is Finally Being Released? Via a Facebook group, a few days ago we learned that a movie shot in late 2005 involving two VAs is finally done the editing process and is being shopped around to film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. The Death of […]