20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Channel Update Translations

Naoko Takeuchi revamped Sailor Moon Channel on April 1st, with a brand new interface. What remains is the new picture from last month, but the chibi-drawn characters and all that pink is a thing of the past! I am able to bring you a full translation of her message to those affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (東日本大震災) on her homepage. Her husband Yoshihiro Togashi had published a message and a new drawing earlier this week. We now believe, that this drawing was completed just recently in honor of the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon (we were unsure where this drawing had come from when it was first posted). She has also posted 6 new photos to her new photo blog. We also have the translations from the new entries of Naoko Takeuchi’s new photo journal on Sailor Moon Channel. She features photos of an Easter egg and a coloring book from Italy (6 & 7), what may be an old photo of her watching a shuttle launch (8), and some new drawings of characters from Sailor Moon (9, 10, & 11)! 9 is a new drawing of Minako/Sailor Venus (to some she looks a little older), 10 looks to be one of Chibi-Chibi all grown up, and 11 is a new image of Usagi/Sailor Moon (again, to some she looks a little older). These all look like line sketches/works in progress, but it is so good to see new drawings of Sailor Moon again! Special thanks to our Japanese translator (and one of my good friends) Naoko-chan (her name is completely coincidental) for helping us out so quickly, as well as Emily for helping put together these images!

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