Viz Media Announces Sailor Moon Crystal to Stream on Hulu, Anime Expo Sailor Moon events

Viz Media is hard at work preparing us for a summer we won’t forget! They’ve released the Sailor Moon Crystal trailer with English subtitles on their official Youtube page, which included the notice that Neon Alley and Hulu will join the list of companies streaming Crystal alongside Crunchyroll and NicoNico. Check it out below!



They have also released their Anime Expo panel schedule, which includes a Moon filled Saturday! (Check out their Facebook posting for the full schedule of events.) Included in the list is a special panel showcasing the world premiere of the first two episodes of the new 90’s Sailor Moon dub! Attendees will also have a Sailor Moon Crystal screening to check out as well!

For more details on all of the fun filled Sailor Moon activities they have planned like their photo shoot and autograph panel, please see their detailed listing on their official website that Emily also mentioned on our Facebook page!

Exclusive: Photo of Kirsten Bishop from the Sailor Moon Wrap Party

This photo comes to us from Roland Parliament. He sent us this photo of Kirsten Bishop (Kirsten Bishopric) from the Sailor Moon wrap party with the words:

I think it shows her true beauty and wonderfulness.

She was a real acting dynamo and someone I will miss for the rest of my life.


Sail on, Kirsten.

(photo from Roland Parliament, image editing by Emily for colour correction)

Rob Tinkler & Julie Lemieux in “The Day My Butt Went Psycho”

Robert Tinkler

This just in from an anonymous tip. Rob Tinkler plays the part of a butt named Deuce in the series The Day My Butt Went Psycho that recently started airing on Teletoon.

From the press release:

The series is a co-production from award-winning creative studios Nelvana (Canada) and Studio Moshi (Australia.) in association with Scholastic. It is directed by Matt Ferguson (Scaredy Squirrel). The show first premiered on Australia’s Nine Network in September 2013.

The show airs Thursdays on Teletoon at 6:30pm and is based on the popular children’s novel by Australian author Andy Griffiths. (US Link for the book) (Canadian Link for the book)

Teletoon has even created a butt themed website for the show.

Here’s the promo for the show:

You can also watch more clips and episodes where you can hear Rob’s voice on the Teletoon website.

Edit: We have also discovered that Julie Lemieux has a part in the show as well!


She plays “Gran,” the grandmother of the main character. A good episode for hearing her voice is the third episode, which is all about grandparents’ butts. On the Teletoon website video page, just click on “episode 2B” (we can’t link to a page with the specific episode because all of their videos are embedded in a Flash page)

Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard and VIZ Media at Anime Revolution


Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard (Sailor Mini Moon/Rini #2) is going to be appearing at Anime Revolution in Vancouver this year.

Anime Revolution will run August 22nd-24th at The Vancouver Convention Centre. Tickets range from $50-$60 for a day pass (available at the door) or $75 for a general weekend pass (for attendees 13 and up). Weekend general admission passes are currently on sale for $60!

Also appearing at Anime Revolution will be Charlene Ingram and VIZ Media!

Viz Media_animerev

Canadian fans on the west coast will have the opportunity to see three panels hosted by Charlene and ask questions about the new Sailor Moon license. Maybe we will also hear more there about how Sailor Moon will be available in Canada?

Either way, it sounds like Anime Revolution is going to be a good convention to attend this year!

As always, we will be keeping an eye out for more Sailor Moon guests at this convention and we will keep you posted if more are announced.

Sailor Moon Crystal’s Trailer Has Been Released!

A few days ago Sailor Moon’s official Youtube page posted a trailer for the new Crystal anime! While giving us a quick peek at some animation and art, we also were finally treated to our first bits of voice acting!



Kotono Mitsuishi has returned to her role as our heroine, Usagi, and Luna’s new voice actress, Ryō Hirohashi,  makes a cameo as our narrator! Ryō has done many voice roles in the past, and some of her more well-known titles include voicing Sora Naegino in Kaleidostar, Konata Izumi in the Lucky Star drama CD’S and video games, and Kyō Fujibayashi in Clannad.

One more surprise was listed, though, we now know who will be voicing Tuxedo Mask! Kenji Nojima has the honor of playing the leading man, and has starred in popular anime like Tomoya Okazaki from the Clannad film, Pell from One Piece, and Keisaku Satou from Shakugan no Shana.

The text at the end of the trailer details the Niconico premiere set for July fifth, and states it will air the first and third Saturday of each month. It also mentions that Momoiro Clover Z is going to preform both the opening and ending theme song. Crystal’s shaping up to be quite the event this summer, since the trailer’s release even made it to news outlets such as the Huffington Post!