SH Figuarts Sailor Saturn Available for Pre-Order

The latest of the articulated figures from SH Figuarts is Sailor Saturn. Pre-orders officially started April 28th. MSRP is 4500 yen +tax (approximately $44 USD/$48 CAD).

Sales of the Sailor Saturn figure are expected to begin in Fall 2014 (online retailers are estimating October ship dates). She has only just started appearing on some online stores, so don’t worry if you don’t see her listed yet – she should be available for pre-orders in more stores soon.

As with the other articulating figures of the senshi, Sailor Saturn with have multiple face parts (3), multiple hand parts (4 left and right), and even comes with her Silence Glaive.

Check out the images below for a closer look!


Images provided by Bluefin Tamashii Nations.

Top Ten Great Eastern Animation Sailor Moon Products

We’ve posted about Great Eastern Animation’s stock before, but they’ve made so much recently that it’s been hard to keep up! Look here  for their extensive product listing. All of their products are sold directly from the company to other retailers, so outside of conventions the best place to find these goodies would be through online retailers like Rightstuf and Amazon. Occasionally GE Sailor Moon clothing and accessories will pop up at Hot Topic in store and online. Easier to find and usually easier on your wallet than Japanese imports, take a look at some of these fantastic pieces of Moonie merchandise!


10. Playing Cards


Not too costly and always good for a boredom buster, this set features the Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Mask striking a different pose on each card! Standard deck size and made out of the same material normal decks are, it’s one of the best values on this list.



Pick your favorite Inner Senshi and organize your wallet in style with these hinge wallets. There are more designs to pick from than what is pictured here, including two folding wallets. One features Sailor Saturn, the other showcases Tuxedo Mask (Named Tuxedo Kamen on the wallet). The clutch style wallets have metal hinges and clasps holding it secure for every day wear and tear.

8. Throw Blankets/Towels


Also available in pink, these blankets are made to be very plush and soft to the touch. Easy to look after and great to have on cold nights. Pink and blue beach towels are also a fun way to show off at the beach or pool. (Or keep your family from stealing your bath towels.)


7. Sailor Symbols Belt


This canvas belt has a sliding pin buckle which holds the strap in place, so it might not be the best choice to wear on a very active day. However, the belt itself is a sturdy material and decorated with the celestial symbols of all five Inner Senshi on a bright pink background for a subtle and cute look.

6. Sailor Senshi Earrings


It’s always nice to have official cosplay gear to buy for conventions or everyday wear. These earrings are very affordable, but they do have one drawback: They are not designed for people with metal allergies. There have been reports that it is possible to remove the jump rings from Mars’ and Moon’s hanging earrings and transplant them or a gold/silver/surgical steel posts to avoid any irritation, but no solutions have been found for Jupiter, Venus and Mercury’s stud posts.


5. Witches 5 Sublimation T-shirt



Sublimation is the process of dying the ink into a fabric, rather than painting it on like screen printing. This allows a smoother, clearer picture that is said to last longer than standard screen printing too. And the best part? We get some awesome villain merchandise as well! Fans of the Sailor Moon baddies finally have some very nice looking clothing to show off favorite villains!


4. Beryl’s Group Wall Scroll


Got a little more love for the villains? Then this wall scroll is right up your alley! Featuring Queen Beryl and the rest of the Shitennou/Four Kings, it’s a well done piece showing off some of their trademark powers.


3. Sailor Moon Plushies


If you’re a plushie fan, it’s time to break out your wallet. All of the Senshi up to Sailor Uranus have been created and released so far. As well as Tuxeo Mask, Chibi-Moon, Luna, and Artemis. (The only missing Senshi are Sailors Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn.) Well made and pretty durable, they are a perfect complement to any fan’s collection.

2. Sailor Moon Sublimation T-shirt



Finally, some North American Sailor Moon merchandise that shows off some of the later seasons! Sailor Moon looks to be ready to preform Moon Princess Halation with her Cutie Moon Rod in this brightly colored top.


1. Usagi’s Carillon/Star Locket


This one has been a fan favorite since it’s been released! The golden carillon is made of solid metal, and while it does not open up, it’s well built and ready for plenty of wear. It comes with a sturdy chain and is reported to be pretty light weight and very shiny!


Great Eastern has made plenty more Sailor Moon items than the ten featured on this list, including stationary, bags, and mugs. Hope everyone enjoys their impressive assortment and happy shopping!

Breaking News: Cast and Crew of Sailor Moon Crystal Announced!

The voice cast has been announced for the five inner senshi in Sailor Moon Crystal:

  • Sailor Moon: Kotono Mitsuishi
  • Sailor Mercury: Hisako Kanemoto
  • Sailor Mars: Rina Sato
  • Sailor Jupiter: Ami Koshimizu
  • Sailor Venus: Shizuka Ito

Notable crew and other details:

  • Director: Munehisa Sakai
  • Character Designer: Yukie Sako
  • Art Directors: Takashi Kurahashi and Yumi Hosaka
  • Animation studio: Toei Animation,
  • Series Scripts: Yūji Kobayashi
  • Composer: Yasuharu Takanashi
  • Theme Song: Momoiro Clover Z
  • Soundtrack Producer: King Records

There is also some character art available on the official Sailor Moon website. We’ve included a few shots below for you.

More images and character information (in Japanese) are available here.

The new anime series will begin airing July 5th at 7pm in Japan, on NicoNico. It is said to not be a remake, but will be a new version that adapts the original manga.

Katie Griffin Spotted in Commercial

We heard about this one from an anonymous tip. Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) can be seen in this amusing CREA/ commercial as one of two homeowners that unexpectedly encounter a SWAT team in their new house!

You can see the full commercial below:

The commercial was created by Toronto ad agency UNION.

We almost want to see a Flashpoint version with Stephanie Morgenstern too!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Announcements Coming April 27th!

If you haven’t seen the mentions on our Twitter feed or our Facebook page yet, there is a scheduled announcement relating to Sailor Moon Crystal on April 27th.

The first indication of the announcement was from the official 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Twitter account (thanks to Rina Love for the tip):

(I retweeted this status via @moonchaseblog)

Loosely translated, this tweet indicates that there will be a special live event on NicoNico Douga on April 27th which will include the announcement of the cast for the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime series and an announcement of the new musical cast. There is also a link to a page on the 20th Anniversary site with more details about the event.


This article goes into more detail about who will be there and when you can tune in to the event. The five main cast members (5 sailor senshi) from the musical will make their first public appearance in costume. Also appearing will be Munehisa Sakai (director of Sailor Moon Crystal), Yuu Shiboku (producer of Sailor Moon Crystal), and Fumio Osano (the original editor of the manga storyline). The in-person audience is limited to 500 people. The airing on NicoNico Douga will be at 4pm in Japan (3am EDT for those of you who can’t sleep!). A free account with NicoNico will be required to watch the event, which you will be able to access via this link. Also via Twitter was this tweet from Atsutoshi Umezawa, producer:

This tweet confirms that we will be seeing more character designs from Sailor Moon Crystal, for the main characters.

Later on April 18th, Moon-Cookie also posted a link on our Facebook page about an article on another anime news blog, but we are aware that this site does not work reliably for everyone.

We hope that the details above are helpful to you, but you can also try some translation tools to take a closer look at the article and tweets yourselves if you do not know Japanese.

Stay tuned for news from the event! We are particularly interested in the anime news as we know fans have been waiting with bated breath for more news about Sailor Moon Crystal moving forward. Once we have confirmed details, we will definitely share the information with you!