Top Ten Sailor Moon Items to Buy

Sailor Moon has had a storm of merchandise released in the past few months, from figures, to clothing, office goods, stationary, and electronic accessories. So to make shopping easier, here is a list of the ten most interesting and useful Sailor Moon items currently for sale and preorder.

  1. The 20th Anniversary CD


Although not much is known about this CD on preorder for January, what we do know is that it will be ten tracks long featuring some of the original voice actresses, well as Momorio Clover Z with remakes of Sailor Moon’s classic songs such as Moonlight Densetsu.

 2.       Proplica’s Moon Stick       

      Proplica Moon Stick

The cosplay/display item of your dreams, Proplica’s high quality Moon Stick features sounds and lights as well as recordings by Sailor Moon herself, Kotono Mitsuishi. Full scale and with a beautiful stand to display the Moon Stick when it is not in use, it’s a fantastic nostalgia piece that anyone can enjoy.

 3.   Sailor Moon PJs 
Sailor Moon PJ's

Along with the lingerie Peach John and Bandai created, they also made this adorable short and t-shirt set. Also available in pink, the approximate $50 price tag may be a little hefty, but it’s hard to deny that they look comfy.

 4.     Stained Glass Phone Case 


There are over a dozen or so phone cases out now, but this one has the most sophisticated look. All of the Inner Sailors and Princess Serenity in a pastel stained glass motif. Available for iPhones 4/4s, 5/5s, and the 5c. As well as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

 5.       ‘Makeup’ T-Shirt      


Sailor Moon strikes a pose in this transformation incantation t-shirt! The color gradient type in the background calls out “Moon Prism Power, make up!” All four Inners have a matching design, so you can complete the set if you choose. The only downside is that they cost far more than Hot Topic’s selection

6.       Brooch Earbuds         


Pretty in pink, Sailor Moon’s original brooch adorns these plug style earbuds with a bonus Luna cord slider to keep things tangle free. A perfect match for that phone case above!

 7.       Portable Charger


Let Luna and Artemis take care of your electronics with this portable charger. This takes AA batteries in order to charge whatever you may have that needs some juice. Comes with a micro USB cable.

      8.       Mini Figurine Set           


Puchi-Chara has created a cute, mini alternative for those of us who can’t afford the S.H. Figurearts figurines. You’ll get six figures chosen from a set of twelve, with either the Sailors posing normally or winking. Tuxedo Mask gets the alternate option of removing his mask.

 9.       Schedule Book  


Keep your new year organized with this planner featuring all of the Inner Sailors. Featuring blank note pages and patterned calendar blocks this is perfect for any Moonie.

 10.   Sailor Moon Silhouette Cup


Luna and Artemis are here again on this cup also showing off the Inner Sailors silhouettes on the alternate side. One of the most affordable pieces of fandom on this list, the listing claims it’s a limited edition item, while it also may prove to be one of the most useful.

Meet the Staff: Audra

Name: Audra (Moon-Cookie)
Position: Contributor

I Have Been a Sailor Moon Fan Since: Around 1996

Favorite Episode or Movie: Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose. I had seen episodes here and there since I was five when visiting a good friend who had cable, but the first Moon movie is what made me a fan for life when I got to rent it way back in 2000 or so. I still have ‘The Power of Love’ on my iPod to this day.

Favorite Sailor Moon Character: Sailor Jupiter. Ponytailed tomboy myself, Lita/Makoto was my idol for her unabashed love of both boyish stuff and girly things. I also had a serious love of cooking.

Other Anime or Manga I like: Moribito, Beast Player Erin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kamisama Kiss, Kaleido Star, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Moon o Sagashite, anything Studio Ghibli or Mamoru Hosoda, and of course, the new Sailor Moon manga reprint.

Other tidbits: I honestly don’t know if I would have ended up in culinary school if it weren’t for my fangirling of Lita back in the day. If I could pick how a release of the old Sailor Moon anime was created, I would vote for an uncut redub with the old cast and dub music cues on the same disc as a Japanese sub track. The upcoming anime? Fancy pants box sets with extras everywhere please and thank you!

Anime North 2013 Con Report (Part 3)

We attended two industry panels at Anime North this year, one for Crunchyroll and the other for Funimation. If you’ve ever attended an industry panel at an anime convention before, these were pretty typical. Both panels featured company representatives who mainly talked about upcoming releases and showed some trailers. They also took questions from the audience after all of their announcements. Representatives of both companies were open to answering questions, but only about titles that their companies had announced publicly.

Titles announced at the Crunchyroll panel included: Majestic Prince, Oreimo, and Attack on Titan. All of their latest titles available to view on Crunchyroll can also be found at

The Crunchyroll panel was quite short with few announcements. The panel was over in about 30 minutes, rather than the usual 60 minutes allotted for this type of panel. I spoke briefly with the representative and got added to their official press release mailing list. At their booth, convention attendees could sign up for a free trial.

The Funimation panel was longer and pretty similar to other Funimation industry panels. During their announcements, their rep always describes the different titles and what they like about them. Trailers were shown for:

Black Butler (season 2)

Attack on Titan


Date A Live

A Certain Scientific Railguin S

The Devil is a Part Timer

Red Data Girl

One Piece



Steins: Gate

Appleseed XIII

Sophie Mc Nud hosted the Funimation panel and has been working on the new Funimation website. At the time they were still accepting people into the closed beta for their new website. They were also offering advance sales at their booth of Steins: Gate and Appleseed XIII.

Funimation currently has a 30 day free trial offer for fans who would like to check out their premium video service.

Next in the con report will be coverage of the Ask An Anime Character Panel with the male voice actors. Videos are on our Google+ page.