Operation Moonrise – Moonie Merchandise Matters Phase 4 Update

Greetings moonies! We really apologize for the shutdown of the kwiksurveys server over the last week that put a halt to our fourth version of the merchandise survey. The website breakdown completely caught the staff at Moon Chase off guard, and it has been very tough trying to get a hold of their technical support staff – while the problem was being fixed, some of our e-mails went completely unanswered. Also, please note that we were not the only website affected by the shutdown over the last week, and that some of the other websites affected have had a similar experience with the kwiksurveys staff.

We lost quite a few surveys as a result of the shutdown, plus it’s hard to find any patterns with the information that was saved – the lost surveys were completely at random. So whether or not you have taken the survey before the kwiksurveys crash, could you please take it again? We especially need comments on the last two t-shirts (Q and R) that were released – their release was the primary reason we decided on a fourth version of the survey, and they will need fair representation on our final report to the merchandising companies involved.

BREAKING NEWS: New 20th Anniversary Event Celebrating Sailor Moon in Japan!

This news just hit the web about an hour ago! Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon), Toru Furuya (Tuxedo Kamen), and Fumio Osano (Sailor Moon manga editor) will be at a special event commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon on July 6th! The event will be taking place in Roppongi at Nicofarre, and all will be talking about Sailor Moon! For those of you who think the “Nico” part in Nicofarre sounds a little familiar, you are right! This is a special disco in Japan that has been opened up by famous streaming video site Nico Nico Douga featuring huge screens showing content from the site. The event will be about a half an hour long and will also be streamed on Nicovideo for fans to watch, and it will furthermore be connected to Japan Expo which is taking place in Paris! There will be a special Sailor Moon performance from the Japanese girls idol group Momoiro Clover Z streamed in from Japan Expo connected to this event. This is not something to be missed – and we encourage fans who have access to Nicovideo to tune in from 7:30-8:30 PM in Japan (check a world time website to see what time it is on in your area)! We are also in love with this new 20th Anniversary logo (as featured by RBB Today and copyrighted to Naoko Takeuchi/PNP).

For our readers in France who will be attending Japan Expo, if you visit Pika Edition’s booth and are in Sailor Moon cosplay, you will get a scratch card. Each scratch card is a prize winner, and fans can win prizes like posters, postcards, and even a complete set of the manga.

Update: I (Sailordees) have a bit of a busy day today so one of our translators is working on getting that Kodansha site translated. There is mention on this site of a surprise announcement and drawing (the art kind, not the contest kind). While we don’t know what this surprise announcement will be, since this is an event being put on by Kodansha Inc. and not Toei Animation, it may pertain to a new story (or stories) with the manga, or a new artbook. Since Sailor Moon has ended, Naoko Takeuchi has drawn new versions of characters from Sailor Moon, including Tuxedo Kamen for the RPG Girl’s Life, for friends of hers impacted by last year’s disaster, for Sailor Moon Channel, and for Bandai Hobby Museum.

Update 2: Full translation over at Crunchyroll!

Operation Moonrise Phase 7 Update 4

Hey Moonies! We’ve updated the survey yet again to include the new Hastings shirt as well as Hastings as a store option. For those of you who are wondering about accuracy, there is no need to worry. The number of survey retakers is actually a lot smaller than we had thought, but the most important thing that we have noticed is that the trends in each version have been very similar and consistent, which is the only thing that matters. We will definitely mention that the changing lineup had forced us to change this survey 3 times from the original.

We only want about 200 surveys for this iteration so we can get at least 100 comments on the Hastings T-shirt. We still need a few more on Sailor Uranus’s T-shirt as well. If you are going to take this version of the survey, please comment on designs Q and R if you have already commented on the others! This is the last version of the survey and we are hoping to be done this in about two weeks so we can get the shortened report sent off to everyone that needs to get it.

A few words about Hastings: The store has 121 stores in the United States, of which most are located in west, south, and central parts of the country. This is almost the opposite of FYE which is largely concentrated on the East Coast. Hastings will only ship to addresses in the United States.

Terri Hawkes Coming to Anime Revolution

Hey readers!

Terri Hawkes (Sailor Moon #2) is the latest guest to be announced for Anime Revolution! She will be joining former castmastes Ron Rubin, Stephanie Beard, Katie Griffin, Susan Roman, and Vince Corazza at the 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon celebration panel.

This convention is sure to be a treat for Sailor Moon fans who can make it to Vancouver! Especially if you’re a fan of the English version.