News Flash – Sailor Moon Manga wins Industry Award!

I have some great news to report regarding the recent re-release of the Manga by Kodansha Comics – the first volume was recently honoured at the 2011 Diamond Comic Distributers Gem Awards. Sailor Moon Volume 1 received one of the highest honours from the comic book industry, as it was awarded the 2011 Manga Trade Paperback Of The Year award. The award results are primarily based off of overall sales figures for the 2011 calendar year, and are also voted on by the major comic book retail outlets. We are so proud of the success of Sailor Moon, and we would like to congratulate Kodansha Comics USA on the win. It is truly astounding to see the continued positive reception being directed towards the manga reissue campaign, and the staff at Moon Chase would like to applaud the fans that have supported the release!

Surprise connections – Sailor Moon and Arietty

Greetings Sailor Moon fans! I have some good news to report for fans of PGSM – perhaps fans may remember a scene from the start of Act 9 where a boy looks at a big clear jewel before cutting to a scene with Tuxedo Kamen stealing a big diamond known as the “Joy Queen”- well, he has grown into a Studio Ghibli star! Ryunosuke Kamiki, who plays the boy in the opening scene of Act 9, has played numerous roles connected to Studio Ghibli, most recently Sho (known as Shawn in the English version) in the movie Arietty. Ryunosue Kamiki has also had 3 other major roles with Studio Ghibli – in Howl’s Moving Castle, he played Markl (Howl’s apprentice), in Spirited Away he played Boh (a baby who gets turned into a rat), and in a 2006 short called “The Day I Bought A Star” he played the role of Nona.

For anime fans, there are also some connections between Sailor Moon and Arietty. Setsuya Tanabe and Tomoko Fukui are both in-between animators on Arietty – Setsuya was an in-between animator on the Sailor Moon R movie and Tomoko was an in between animator on the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. Kochi Usami is a key animator in Arietty, and was a key animator for the Sailor Moon S movie. As well, Hideki Hamasu is a key animator in Arietty and was a key animator for the Sailor Moon R movie, and the Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Stars seasons. Arietty opened in theaters just this last weekend, so fans should check their local movie listings for showtimes! While we can’t see Sailor Moon on North American television for the time being, fans will definitely want to check out their work in Arietty!




Artemis at Anime Revolution

New guest announcement for Anime Revolution! Ron Rubin (Artemis) has been confirmed. He will also be joining Stephanie Beard, Katie Griffin, Susan Roman, and Vince Corazza at the 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon celebration panel.

Vince Corazza Appearing at Anime Revolution

New guest announcement for Anime Revolution! Vince Corazza has been confirmed. He will be joining Stephanie Beard, Katie Griffin, and Susan Roman at the 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon celebration panel.

20th Anniversary Celebration of Sailor Moon at Anime Revolution

Fans in the Vancouver, B.C. area are in for a treat this August! Anime Revolution has confirmed three voice actresses from the English language version of Sailor Moon will be guests at this year’s convention:

Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter), Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1), and Stephanie “Sugar” Beard (Rini #2)

There will also be a special 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Celebration Panel. Currently in planning stages, the panel is expected to include such highlights as live performances and video clips along with the confirmed Sailor Moon guests. The panel will be hosted by Anime Revolution‘s director of programming, Jeremy Androsoff, who describes himself as a massive Sailor Moon fan.

Also appearing at Anime Revolution will be J-Pop cover artist Irulanne who is a big Sailor Moon fan too!

We will be sharing more about the panel and any other guests of interest here on Moon Chase as more details become available.

For fans interested in attending Anime Revolution, the convention runs August 17th-19th at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. Pre-registration is $50 until March 31st.

More details about the convention are available on Anime Revolution’s website.