New Sailor Moon Merchandise at Hot Topic

Moon Chase fan Shauntel notified us about new Sailor Moon wallets via our Facebook page:
Blue Hinged Wallet by Great EasternThese are another item made by Great Eastern. Some more wallets by Great Eastern are viewable here.

We also spotted some more items available in Hot Topic’s e-store, including a Sailor Moon lanyard (by Great Eastern) and a blue rubber bracelet (also by Great Eastern) pictured below.

Lanyard by Great Eastern
Blue Wristband by Great Eastern
For more merchandise currently available and soon to be available that has been licensed by Great Eastern, fans can check through their list of Sailor Moon licensed products here.

And now for some merchandising news that our readers may find a little more exciting. Moon Chase editor Sailordees found new Sailor Moon belts while shopping in store! These sealtbelt style belts are made by Buckle-Down and are on sale at Hot Topic for $26 each. We were emailed by a representative at Buckle-Down back in September to inquire about whom to contact for licensing Sailor Moon merchandise in North America. We pointed him in the right direction and now we can see the results! Congratulations on making it happen. I know I can’t wait to get one of these for myself!

You can buy the belt from Hot Topic’s website here.

Belt By Buckle-Down
Closeup of Belt by Buckle-Down

FYI: Fans can also use hot cash coupons at Hot Topic until tomorrow to save $15 off purchases of $30.


A quick note from Sailordees: Also, Hot Topic has this button and this sticker.  The stickers are hard to find in the stack they have so an easy way is to look for a pale yellow back. Now when I got these for various holiday gifts for friends they were being sold singly for $3.50 each.  My Hot Topic was selling them in sealed 3-packs for $3.  Keep an eye out for these, Moonies! I now have everything Hot Topic has sold and whenever I have more time I will post more one sentence reviews.

Edit: Added better photos of the belt. – Emily

Edit2: added link to the belt for sale on Hot Topic’s website – Emily

SeraMyu Comes to Germany

The musical group La Soldier has secured the rights to perform the SeraMyu musicals in Germany. We have heard the leader of the group bought the rights for the first SeraMyu musical from her own savings. According to La Soldier’s website, the performances will be very similar to the original, except they will be performed in German.

The group’s premiere performance will take place in April 2012 in Hamburg. The premiere will take place on Saturday, April 7th at Theater an der Marschnerstraße, located at Marschnerstraße 46 – 22081 Hamburg beginning at 6 p.m. The premiere will include special guest star Yuuki Nanami of singing in the show.

German fans can find more information about La Soldier’s appearances and performances on their website. We will also be keeping in touch with La Soldier and bring you more news about them in the coming months.

Félicitations! Sailor Moon Retour en France!

Great news out of France today from both a French manga news site, as well as a release! Moonies in France, mark your calendars for July 2012 – the renewal editions of Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V will be published by Pika Édition (as we predicted back in July).  It looks like their release schedule will mimic what we have seen in North America and other countries around the world, with the two titles being published simultaneously.  In about a week or so one of our staff members will contact Pika Édition’s distribution arm in Quebec to double check if the releases will be hitting Québécois Moonies (which they likely will, but we just want to make sure).


Sorry Moonies there weren’t any updates over the holidays. Not much has been going on and we’ve been busy preparing things we need to get going throughout this month.  More soon! Happy New Year – and 2012 WILL be a good year for Sailor Moon!