This day is finally upon us – Moonies, do your part to support Sailor Moon and Sailor V today by going out and purchasing these manga from your store of choice! We would like to take this time to thank some very important people. First, to Daniel Mani, Tomoko Suga, and President Yoshio Irie of Kodansha America – thank you for reading our Operation Moonrise Manga report in February of 2010. We were absolutely ecstatic with the announcement in March and we could not have been prouder for the renewal editions of both Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V finally being released in North America. To Dallas Middaugh and the team at Random House, thank you for a job well done in ensuring that this release went as smoothly as possible. And last (but certainly not least), thanks to Naoko Takeuchi for allowing the manga to return to North America! Thanks to all our readers who participated in Operation Moonrise Phase 3, as well as our letter writing campaign to Kodansha – your efforts were paramount to bringing Sailor Moon fans everywhere the joy they are going to experience from today until the end of the manga’s run.

We can’t keep up with every party that is being held in celebration of this occasion, so we recommend our fans check out our Facebook page. We have opened up a discussion topic for fans to share of release parties in their area. If you know of one that has not been posted, please feel free to post it there!

Go forth and “Sailor-brate”, Moonies!

Moon Chase Exclusive! Men’s Sailor Moon T-Shirt Coming to Hot Topic

Hey readers, we have a special evening exclusive for you!

We just heard about this from a representative at Hybrid Apparel, the manufacturer of the latest Sailor Moon T-shirts that have been selling exclusively in Hot Topic stores and online.

A men’s style T-shirt will be tested at Hot Topic in October (in stores and online)!

Below is a preview:

We hope male Sailor Moon fans will enjoy this addition to the T-shirts!

A quick note from Sailordees: So it seems the internet is abuzz with fans wondering why there is even a t-shirt for males!  While Sailor Moon is a show featuring female superheroes, it continues to be popular with both males and females.  Our Operation Moonrise survey results have always shown a ratio of about 60% females to 40% males – which is pretty significant!  Moon Chase has also been in contact with Hybrid Apparel since the tshirts were first released, and we had started up a discussion topic on our Facebook page for fans to share their thoughts (and one of the hot opinions was that there should be tshirts for males). This was actively read by Hybrid Apparel as well.  Even our staff is balanced evenly between males and females! We thank Hybrid Apparel as well as Toei Animation for making these tshirts available to the male fans of Sailor Moon!


For any of our Swedish moonies who are awaiting a chance to watch Sailor Moon again, the first four episodes will be shown in Stockholm! “Animevolution: From Manga To Ganime” is an anime retrospective being held at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Toei Animation Europe will be screening first four episodes of Sailor Moon , as well as the Heart Catch Pretty Cure movie, and four hits from 2006-2007 (“Tori no Uta”, “Sekishoku Elegy”, “Highway Jenny” and “Dunwich Horror and other stories”). Swedish fans are encouraged to attend this festival to support the legacy of Toei Animation and of course, Sailor Moon!

Do Not Support “The Sailor Moon Ultimate Fans App”

Hello Moonies. Recently, we were made aware of an iPhone/iPod app called the “Sailor Moon Ultimate Fans App”, published by Marc Jordan and Apps2Day. These companies are charging fans to download an app which contains our content. We have expressed in our copyright policy that no user may use anything they find on our site for commercial purposes. Marc Jordan and Apps2Day were charging fans 99 cents for this app. We were not asked for permission by either of these parties to use our content, and we don’t think it is fair for fans to have to pay to access anything on our site. We urge fans not to support this app at all, and even though our site’s name and content are used on it we do not support or endorse this app. We have sought action against the developers. We can’t speak for other sites that are featured on this app, but we do not appreciate someone else making money off of content we work hard to provide to the fans for free. Hopefully the profits from the sales of this app will be donated to a charity or other non-profit organization since the content was linked from a non-profit site.

Sailormoon Channel Update

Hey there, readers! We have another Sailormoon Channel update for you. The photos were added at the beginning of August and we recently finished editing screengrabs to include our translations.

The images below include Moon Chase translations. Enjoy 🙂