Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende Official Trailer! has uploaded an official trailer for Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende. Fans can watch it here on Youtube if the embedded video doesn’t work below.

Still haven’t gotten around to starting my player’s guide for the game, but if you are stuck in the game and need help, please send us an email and I’ll try to help!

This game will play on all systems around the world, and we encourage fans that want to play this game, support Sailor Moon legally and purchase it online. Downloading ROMs does not support Sailor Moon legally. We will not allow fans to post a link via a comment here, on our facebook page, or to our forums to any of the ROMs that have been released of this game.

And on another note – I know you all have been saddened by the recent news from reps of companies and their dealings with Naoko Takeuchi. I promise, I am going to be on the hunt for happier Sailor Moon stories for the next little while. Keep strong for Sailor Moon!

Glénat Answers Fans’ Questions About Sailor Moon Manga

A new interview from a representative of France’s Glénat Manga was posted to this morning. The first question the representative answered is a question from the site wondering about when the Sailor Moon manga is going to be released.

Q: We know we have asked you about this many times, but is there a new blockage of the rights for the manga for international publishing (and most notably France)? Because there are many rumors circulating here and there concerning an improvement in the situation, but it is difficult to understand, I am asking you. Moreover, if the perception is that it is (or will be) released, can we hope for the renewal editions? Because the only thing we can sink our teeth into is Sailor V**. How is it that the mother series has been blocked and not those of Sailor V?

A: To resume the explanation concerning the case of Sailor Moon. The author has recovered all of the rights. She has renegotiated for two years county by country at her own rhythm. She has decided to begin with the USA, Spain, and Italy, and we must wait until those negotiations finish before entering into discussions with the author, if she decides that France will be her next country to work on, which has in no way been confirmed. We are in the same situation as the fans of Sailor Moon, and we have no other choice but to respect the method chosen by the author. When the discussions are possible, the editions published will obviously be the renewed versions, the subject of our request for the last 3 years. Sailor Moon and Sailor V are two different series, and they do not have the same contractual bases. From information that we have been given, the author has not recovered the rights for Sailor V.

We had always assumed that Naoko Takeuchi and Princess Naoko Planning had the rights to Sailor V, but it appears this is not the case. Now we believe that it is Kodansha that somehow has the rights to Sailor V, but may be optimizing a marketing strategy by releasing it in conjunction with Sailor Moon. We hope that the fans of Sailor Moon in France will be able to enjoy the manga soon. We are sad, but by no means surprised by this lag given what we have learned about Naoko Takeuchi since 2009.

**This is in reference to the old version of Sailor V.

Sakura Con Schedule Now Available!

For our readers interested in attending Sakura Con 2011, the programming schedule is now available for download in PDF format.

The schedule also lists the Sailor Moon panel that I (Emily) will be hosting on behalf of Moon Chase! The panel is called Sailor Moon: 15 Years and Counting. If you’re interested in attending, the panel will be held in Panels 5 (rooms 611-612) on Friday evening (the 22nd) from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

We’re very excited about this, since we’ve heard that the room is larger than last year’s Sailor Moon panel in addition to having a longer time slot than most panels. We’re very appreciative of the staff at Sakura Con who have made this panel possible. Thank you very much!

Moon Chase staff is currently working on our discussion topics for the panel and I’m assembling reference notes for fan questions. If you can make it to the panel, we’d love to see you there!

I hinted before that I’ll be wearing a costume for part of the convention. The costume is an uncommon one for Jupiter/Makoto: the white dress seen in the ending credits of the S season (with “Tuxedo Mirage” as the ending theme). I don’t tend to get recognized as Jupiter when I wear it, I guess because it’s a bit more of an obscure costume. I will definitely be looking out for other Sailor Moon cosplayers to photograph, I hope to see lots!

(image belongs to ANCEA/Sakura-Con)

BREAKING NEWS: Brazil Puts Up A Good Fight, But A New Dub Wasn’t Meant to Be.

We want to start this article by first of all congratulating SOS Brazil for all their hard work. We understand your struggles completely because we have been there (and still are). But please don’t view this as a fight you lost! You should be proud of everything you were able to do with your surveys – besides, the other parts of your survey will probably be a help when it comes to other aspects of the revival. We are proud of what you were able to accomplish, and we are sending you big Moonie hugs and lots of love from North America.

Save our Sailors Brazil reported the sad news yesterday that after a long and lengthy crusade to get a redub of Sailor Moon, it was not meant to be. A statement posted to their site from Márcio S. Reginnette, a representative of Brazil’s CD & DVD Factory, states that a redub of Sailor Moon S is not authorized because Naoko Takeuchi has not approved of any redubbing in any language. The same request was made in Italy as well, and was also denied. The statement also makes mention that Toei Animation does not have any exclusivity over the franchise, and prior approval has to be obtained by Naoko Takeuchi. There is also an excellent response to these developments posted over at Papo de Budega.

From what we know, the anime and manga are a sort of “co-agreement” between Naoko Takeuchi and the companies involved. Fans probably also notice that Naoko Takeuchi’s name is on every piece of Sailor Moon merchandise coming out their way these days. With the manga, Kodansha has the rights to publish it, but only after obtaining Naoko Takeuchi’s permission. But at the same time, she cannot hold it back. The same deal goes with the anime and Toei Animation as well. We do not know how many years that this current co-agreement is going to last, but that if matters regarding Sailor Moon do not go smoothly, they could be pulled away at any time.

While we understand fans’ anger, sadness, and frustration over this turn of events, please don’t be mad at Naoko Takeuchi. For all we know, the time frame for Sailor Moon’s return could be really short, and she may not like the idea of a redub keeping the series away from fans in an already shortened timeframe. Or, perhaps she likes everything the way it is and doesn’t want to change things too much. We are disgruntled too, as this leaves the fate of an English release of Sailor Stars up in the air, but at the same time we are thankful to have the Sailor Moon manga back (and hopefully soon, the anime).

Once again, huge hugs from Moon Chase to Save Our Sailors Brazil and everything they have worked so hard for. Keep up the strength, although your release has had it’s turmoils (starting with Season 3), you have done a lot for the fandom and we are sure every one of your readers thanks you for that!

For fans who want a little more detail on the ins and outs of the Brazilian revival, check out this interview in January with CD + DVD Factory’s Márcio S. Reginnette.

April 2011 Sailor Moon Channel Updates (Part 2)

Hey Moonies! Sorry this took a little longer than expected – it has been a very busy week! Here are the translations from the new entries of Naoko Takeuchi’s new photo journal on Sailor Moon Channel. She features photos of an Easter egg and a coloring book from Italy (6 & 7), what may be an old photo of her watching a shuttle launch (8), and some new drawings of characters from Sailor Moon (9, 10, & 11)! 9 is a new drawing of Minako/Sailor Venus (to some she looks a little older), 10 looks to be one of Chibi-Chibi all grown up, and 11 is a new image of Usagi/Sailor Moon (again, to some she looks a little older). These all look like line sketches/works in progress, but it is so good to see new drawings of Sailor Moon again! P.S. These translations came from me, but Emily saved me a ton of time by getting them on the images (teamwork FTW)!