BREAKING NEWS: GP Publishing Considering More Sailor Moon?

Just hours ago, the Sailor Moon manga was revealed to the public at Lucca Comics and Games in Italy. While details are just starting to surface in the press, one item piqued are interest! The Italian manga and anime community Nanoda reports that one of the representatives at the presentation from GP Publishing (it was either Francesco Meo or Baboni Luca) said that depending on the success of Sailor Moon, GP may decide to publish the artbooks. Looking at how successful Sailor Moon is already in Italy, we think that the manga should have no trouble selling (our Italiano Moonies are going to purchase all of them, right?). The two representatives also thanked Mediaset’s Fabrizio Margaria for their revival of the series, and both made special mention of how well the show is doing in the ratings since it began broadcast on Italia 1 in August. Fabrizio also mentioned again that this current broadcast also has significantly less censorship than the first broadcast many years ago. We will be keeping an eye out on the news in the next few days for what else happened at this presentation!

How Many Moonies Will There Be on Halloween?

We here at Moon Chase believe cosplay is just as good on Halloween as it is at conventions, and that you are never too old to have fun dressing up on Halloween! Are you dressing up as Sailor Moon for Halloween? Are you carving a pumpkin with a design related to Sailor Moon? Are you putting your Sailor Moon dolls in Halloween costumes for display (or using them in your house as part of Halloween decor)? Do you have any special Sailor Moon Halloween memories from when you were younger? We here at Moon Chase would like to share your Sailor Moon Halloween photos with the rest of our readers! Send us an email at with your photos and a description of your work by Wednesday November 3rd, and we will have them up on the site by the end of next week.

New Sailor Moon Manga to be Previewed at Italian Expo!

In Lucca, Italy, there is a very interesting event happening in just a matter of days. Lucca Comics and Games is an annual expo that both functions as a pop culture convention, as well as a trade show for companies. Fans attending will get to have a small taste of what it is like to be at much bigger media market events such as MIPCOM when they go through the trade show venues! At this event, editors and publishers will be making presentations about upcoming titles and franchises. The new Sailor Moon manga will be making its debut at Lucca Comics and Games 2010 on Sunday, October 31st at 2PM at the Plaza Ducale. The “King of Sailor Moon Licensing” in Italy, Fabrizio Margaria (Program Director at Mediaset), will be on hand for the big reveal. We hope that our Italian readers will be out there in full force in their Sailor Moon cosplay to let us know how it goes! Buona fortuna Sailor Moon – all of us want to see you continue to succeed!

An Update on the Situation Involving the Impostor

Hey Moonies, Sailordees here with a major update, which we are posting to you all since there’s been some buzz that we are neglecting the site. There is a VERY big reason why I and The Me have not been able to do much – and that is, the infamous impostor. Earlier this summer, we received a tip from someone who knew of the impostor. This person could not believe what the impostor did, and they passed on an important contact to someone who they thought might be able to help us. We got this contact last June while we were still speaking with the impostor, who at the time had told us several times that he had told the woman in the photo what had happened, but came up with every excuse in the book as a reason for why he could not tell her how to remove the images. In July, he ran away from the situation once again leaving his mess for us to clean up. We must have gotten those images removed from 6-7 different sites over the summer. They were not our images, we didn’t own them, but once we presented that we had evidence to some of these sites of Jamie’s ownership and his pleas to get them down, they were removed. This tired us out (and we are pretty sure it tired out the representative of Linda Ballantyne as well).

In the beginning of September, the impostor struck again with fake profiles on both Facebook and Windows Live, and strained for time, we were forced to take action again. Once again, we worked hard with her representative to get these images removed, and we tried again and again to contact the impostor to take ownership since it should have been his responsibility to clean up his mess. Again, he refused to get back to us. We got the profiles removed, but there were still two images of the blonde in question available on the internet. The Me and I have been working together as a team on this – he has been writing the letters to the hosts etc. to get the images removed and I have been in contact with all the other important people in this matter.

We had decided a month ago to act on this tip from someone who knew of the impostor and sent several emails to the contact. On October 4th, we finally got an email back from this contact saying that he had spoken to the impostor about what he had done, and that that we were to contact him with all the places that needed to contacted and that he would ensure that the action would be taken. We also feel that we (as well as the fans, and everyone else involved) were lied to. The blonde woman in his photos was (as we guessed) his mother, and this was the first she was hearing of this. Nearly a year after all of this began. We cannot imagine her grief at this time, having only learned small glimpses of the situation. The tone of the email emphasized with our situation, and feeling for his mother, I spent a few hours one night writing a personal ten page letter to her outlining everything that her son had done, how we found him, details on our dealings with the representatives of both actresses implicated by this scandal, and how this had affected our site. I also included excerpts of emails where he lied claiming he had spoken to her about the images, but had refused to pass on any contacts to get them removed. We knew that he was lying then, because what sort of person in this day and age wouldn’t want their personal images removed from the internet? While I didn’t suggest what happened to him, I ended the letter hoping that those around him would ensure that he had learned his lesson, so he would not do something like this again (or if he did, that he would take responsibility to clean up his own mess).

Well, now we feel duped. We must have worked to get rid of content related to this little prank on around ten websites. We had started fraud requests on one of the two images, and we had passed on the relevant ticket numbers to the impostor to write a simple message saying that he owned the image and it needed to be taken down. He never did, because we never saw his messages added to our service ticket. Fortunately, our records of everything that happened as well as relevant emails from the impostor taking ownership of what had happened were enough to remove this image. But, there is still one left and they will probably want the real owner to come forward. We will try to get this image removed this week, but once again we feel that we have failed everyone involved by not getting this taken care of fast enough. Again, we would really appreciate some sort of sign from anyone involved with the impostor that he has sent a message to the very last host of the image.

It is because we consider Linda Ballantyne and every other voice actor that we have dealt with an extended member of our Moon Chase “family”, as well as how heartfelt we felt for the woman in the photos, that we continued to fight to get these images removed so that Linda could be identified with the correct face, and not that of another woman. We don’t like to see our friends get hurt, and we will do everything we can for them. While we have not heard back from the woman in the photos, we can only imagine that she would really appreciate it if anyone who has either posted or saved an image of her to their machines or websites would delete them and destroy all copies of her image. Remember this little rhyme:

If Linda is Blonde,
you’ve been conned!
But no one can forget,
that the real Linda is a brunette!

as a general rule when trying to decide if an image you see associated with her name is legitimate or not. One of the reasons that we are trying to remove every image is so that people don’t see them and spread them around even more – then we can directly point any new ones that show up back to the source of the images (the impostor).

We would also like to thank the reader (who chooses not to be identified) for getting us this contact, which we hesitated to act on until the situation got desperate. We were worried that we would be turned down like we had been so many times before in trying to resolve this situation. Without your help, this woman might have never known that her image had been spread on the internet without her consent. We thank you for being brave enough to contact us and help us in our time of need.

To our colleagues, the representatives of the actress, and especially the fans, we sincerely appreciate you sticking by us every ugly moment of this scandal, and we once again promise that we will never, ever, let this happen to our site ever again. There are times that we feel our reputation has suffered as a result of this prank that was played, but reading your words of support and kindness have always meant the world to us.

To the impostor – what you have done was very cowardly and despicable. You lied to everyone around you about contacting the woman in these photos, and we only hope that you felt ashamed when she found out about your pranks months later. You have forced us to waste precious time to clean up your mess, while you continue to go on with your life happily. Have you learned your lesson, finally? Or will you do this again in another couple of years?

Happy Birthday Sailordees!

Hey Moonies!

Today I’d like to take a moment to wish Sailordees a very happy birthday, and I hope you’ll all do the same!

Without our brilliant Editor-in-Chief, this blog simply wouldn’t exist. She gives her all to bring you guys Sailor Moon news from every corner of the globe, and I count myself extremely lucky to be able to work beside her. Her passion for Sailor Moon is unrivaled by anyone I’ve met, is the driving force that motivates us all.

Please join me in saying:

Happy Birthday Sailordees!

Sorry, I can’t actually tell you how old she is. It’s a secret. XP