Operation Moonrise Phase 5 ending soon

Hey Moonies!

We just passed our original deadline for Operation Moonrise Phase 5 survey, and we wanted to remind you that there are only two weeks left!

Our very last survey will end Monday September 13th at Midnight, so don’t miss your last chance to add your voice to one of our surveys!

And don’t forget, if you want to send your comments to Toei Animation, we still have their contact information in our forums! (You will have to register to view this info.)

Megumi Ogata FanExpo Concert Update

The song list for Megumi’s concert is now available. Here’s what she’ll be singing at the concert:

  1. Hohoemi No Bakudan [Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho OP]
  2. Homework ga Owaranai [Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho ED]
  3. Moonlight Densetsu [Sailor Moon OP]
  4. Yuzurenai Negai [Magic Knight Rayearth OP]
  5. Platinum [Card Captor Sakura OP]
  6. Agape [UFO Princess Valkyrie IMAGE]
  7. Fly Me To The Moon [Neon Genesis Evangelion ED]
  8. Komm, Susser Tod (Come, Sweet Death) [Evangelion AIR IMAGE]
  9. THANATOS – If I can’t be yours - [Evangelion AIR ED]
  10. Beautiful World [Rebuild of Evangelion ED]
  11. ENDLESS LOVE [Ogata Megumi Original]
  12. can’t go back my mission [Ogata Megumi Original]
  13. Hare Hare Yukai [Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ED]
  14. Don’t Say Lazy [K-ON ED]
  15. My Soul, Your Beats! [Angel Beats! OP]
  16. Crow Song [Angel Beats! IMAGE]
  17. chAngE [BLEACH OP]
  18. Get Wild [City Hunter ED]
  19. Unbalance na KISS wo shite [Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho ED]

Additional details are available on the official event page for the concert on Facebook. Tickets are available for purchase online or at FanExpo (Line up and purchase your ticket while entering the concert or pre-purchase at the YOSHITAKA AMANO GOODS BOOTH).

More official details: concert tickets are $30 each (plus taxes and service charges). Purchasers of concert tickets who also purchase FanExpo tickets will receive priority seating at the event. This is a separate event from FanExpo and you do not have to purchase a FanExpo ticket to attend the concert. The concert starts at 7:30pm. Priority seating will be let in at 7:00pm sharp. The concert duration will be approximately 90 minutes.

We hope Toronto fans who attend the concert have a great time!

Breaking News: Sailor Moon Manga Returns to Italy!

GP Publishing will be releasing a new edition of the Sailor Moon manga series. Italian fans will be pleased to hear that Italy will be the first European country to see the manga return. GP Publishing was chosen to work with Kodansha to release this new edition that GP Publishing describes as “long awaited by fans.” GP Publishing stated that it will “highlight the full attention to detail that the author has infused into the pages.”

To be released in the second half of 2010, possibly as early as November, the Sailor Moon manga will be released in two editions: an edition for newspaper stands and a deluxe comic. The deluxe comic is described as “completely faithful to the most recent edition of the Japanese original” and is “revised and corrected by the author herself, Naoko Takeuchi.” The manga will also include new translations and new lettering. The deluxe edition is said to have a colour dust jacket (with the cover art being the same as the Japanese reissue), better quality paper, and will even include some colour pages. It seems that it will have the same number of volumes as the latest Japanese edition, which is 12 regular volumes, 2 volumes of extra short stories, and 2 volumes of Sailor V. Sound effects will remain in Japanese with an asterisk beside and a translation noted elsewhere.

Special thanks to Nintendo Fever for the tip!

Operation Moonrise Phase 5: Deadline Extension

Hey Moonies!

As is traditional for our surveys, we are extending our original deadline for the Phase 5 survey two additional weeks. The new deadline is Midnight on Monday September 13th!

Some of our contacts have told us that the information we’re gathering on this survey will be really useful and that these questions are just what we need! 🙂

We think you guys’ opinions on these questions are so important that we want EVERY Moonie who possibly can to take this survey! Let’s show these companies just how much we care about the series, the characters, and the story; and help them bring it back the way WE want to see it!

Megumi Ogata Appearing at FanExpo in Toronto

Megumi Ogata (Sailor Uranus) will be appearing at FanExpo 2010 in Toronto. Fans can attend her Q&A session on Saturday, August 28th at 1pm in room #206C. A deluxe/weekend pass is required to attend the Q&A session. If you have questions for Megumi, you can e-mail them to ogataqanda@punchgo.com

Autograph sessions with Megumi will be taking place on Friday, August 27th at 8pm in signing area BB and on Saturday, August 28th at 11:30 am in signing area AA. All FanExpo passes will allow you in for autographs.

Megumi will also be performing a concert on Saturday, August 28th at 7:30pm in the John Bassett Theatre. This is a special ticket event which costs $30. You do not have to buy a pass to FanExpo to get in, but FanExpo pass holders receive priority entrance into the venue. Tickets are limited to 1300 seats. If you would like to buy concert tickets in advance, you can buy them online here (scroll down to the bottom). Note that no food or drink is allowed in the venue and no photographs, audio, or video recordings are allowed during the concert.

This year’s FanExpo will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the North Building. All events featuring Megumi will be in this building, with the concert theatre in the underground level. The address is 255 Front Street West. Directions are available here. Deluxe/weekend passes are $59, basic/day passes are $29 (for Friday or Sunday) or $35 (for Saturday).

Fans may also be interested in the “Breakfast with the Stars” special ticket event. This breakfast with anime voice actors will take place at 10am on Sunday, August 29th at Manpuku Japanese Restaurant. Tickets are $40 each and will be on sale at the Anime Info Booth (next to the Masquerade Info Booth) during Friday and Saturday of FanExpo.

More anime events at FanExpo are listed here. The full anime schedule can be downloaded here.