Quickie Survey Numbers!

Hey everyone!

I just finished going through all 829 surveys and we only really lost 26 (instead of the 28 we thought it was before). So our final total is 803 completed surveys! The other 26 were all deleted because they were either full of comment spam (seriously whoever put down Weena Mercator, thanks for wasting your survey!), or they only filled out the first and/or second page. It becomes hard to work out the percentages when you don’t have a concrete total to work with, as well as it doesn’t look professional when we calculate errors and show them to a company. “This is what the survey says, but it could have actually been as high or as low as this…” doesn’t look great on a report! We’re sorry if those of you who didn’t finish the survey feel bad about this, but we only told you all several times to finish it in entirety! Nonetheless, these are still huge numbers, and thank you fans for participating! Last week on our Twitter I dropped a bomb that the old cast won… mostly. There is one FUNImation VA who beat out the old ones – but we won’t tell you who it is just yet! We can’t drop any more hints right now. I’m hoping to get at least the numerical results portion done in the next 2-3 days. The actual writing is going to take us the longest time.

The other piece of good news is as of right now, Phase 3 has 45 surveys! That’s almost a quarter of our goal in only one day! This surprised nearly everyone on staff! If we reach 200 within a matter of days, then we will leave it open for 2 or 3 weeks only, and I will send all of the results from this survey and the last one together. And so far, no incompletes!

Thanks again to all of you who have participated – and we hope that many of you who finished the first one will fill out the second survey! Again, we will keep you up to date on how the report is going.

Operation Moonrise Phase 3: The Release Survey!

EDIT: Thank you Moonies! We received over 500 responses! This survey is now closed!

EDIT: We reached our goal! Moonies you have until Midnight on Sunday, September 27th, to get in your surveys before we close it!

Hey Moonies! Welcome to Phase 3 of Operation Moonrise: The Release Survey! If you don’t want to read the rest of this post and hop right to it, the survey is located here (however there are a few things you might want to peek at before you do it)! This is a quick survey designed to show FUNImation (and possibly other companies if they throw their hats into the ring) what formats Sailor Moon fans would prefer to see a future release on. We’re not going to post all the questions here, but we’ll tell you what you can expect. We ask what format you would prefer to purchase or watch Sailor Moon on, approximately how many anime DVDs you purchase or receive as gifts each year, which of the previously released titles you have (VHS is not included as the format is largely obsolete now in the industry), and if you own any other releases of Sailor Moon. We also ask if you’d prefer a subtitled only release, a dub only release, or a hybrid release. Fans may remember that ADV was given the short end of the stick with their rights to the first two seasons and had to release them separately. We ask where you purchase your anime DVDs from, how much you would prefer paying for them, and whether you would prefer single volume or boxset releases. And finally, we ask which TV station you would watch Sailor Moon on if it was brought back to TV, and other extras you’d like to see included on a release. We significantly reduced our countries list (and added an “other” space to fill in). We looked at the survey and picked the countries with the most respondents for this list. Please heed the pale yellow text as it is there to ensure that fans answer the questions correctly (we had several issues with fans not following directions on the last one).

There are only two pages of questions on this survey. And only three of them require research! The first one that does, requires you to know what DVDs you own. We’re not asking for specific volumes – just know if you have all or some of ADV or Geneon’s releases. We really didn’t want to have to list every title! The second one, is which manga you want to see. Do you want a reprint of the old version (“Sailor Moon”) from Tokyopop? Do you want a retranslation of the “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” Manga? Or would you like a translation of updated manga “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”? Would you want to see Sailor V? Or how about these novels? Click the preceding links for more information! We snuck in this question at the last minute because this is the only question we could ask and we didn’t want to start a whole other survey for it. The third one requires you to remember merchandise from back in the day. It is the very last question before the demographic ones, and we are providing you links with some pictures of what they looked like to refresh your memory.

Calego International:

Fanny Pack
Kids’ Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag

*i may use my webcam to take a photo of my lunch bag which was pretty cool. but it’s in saskatoon!*

Irwin Toy:

Luna Ball

Great Eastern:


Unknown T-Shirt Manufacturer:

Archive from Sailor Moon Specialty Store.

(You will have to click around this one – some images might not work! Also, poke around on eBay, there are usually a few kicking around there.)

We have set a goal of 200 complete surveys for this one. Despite what other sites may say about these surveys being useless, they will prove to be extremely useful to the companies involved since they will have data directly from the fans to present to everyone involved when negotiating the rights to the series. If we reach our goal by the time the results package is finished, then we will wait to send them and put the results from this one with it. The results from this survey (or specific portions of it) will be sent to FUNImation, Toei, Tokyopop, Kodansha, and possibly YTV and/or Cartoon Network. As more companies become more clear in the future, they will also receive a copy of results from this survey and the last one, if relevant.

Please complete this survey! Link is here!

New Season Rumor?!

We’re not getting too excited about this, but we’re a little intrigued by a message posted on 2Channel by someone named “Sage”. We are going to treat this as rumor until this is true. It is near the bottom – hit Control F and look for >>536 and you will see it! We’re posting a rough translation below, but we couldn’t verify this industry source (or Tarekomi, as the Japanese affectionately call them).

This comes from an industry Tarekomi source.
The project name “Sailor Moon X” was registered before all of this happened (Note: referring to ANIMAX broadcast).
The advertisement is scheduled to enter part way during the re-broadcasting on ANIMAX.
This was not announced now because of the Pretty Cure timeframe.

The project registered before under the name Dragon Ball MJ became Dragon Ball Kai.

We’re a little skeptical because PGSM was once rumored to be a new anime under the same name “Sailor Moon X”, and waaaaayy before that, there was a rumor of a new season under the same name. Of course, the PGSM rumor was sort of true, but there was no new anime either way. Around 2004 there was a rumor floating around of a new series called “Dragon Ball MJ” but we now know that as part of the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball, “Dragon Ball Kai” was created. As far as Pretty Cure goes, it received a lot of hype earlier this year from the sixth series (“Fresh Pretty Cure!”)premiere, and there is a sixth movie on the way in October. The papers all over Japan were hailing it as the successor to Sailor Moon as well, using tones that could have been read as driving a war between the two properties. We were all a little hurt inside reading these articles because to us fans, nothing could ever touch Sailor Moon’s special spot in our hearts! Once again, we are treating this as rumor as it is coming from 2Channel where some stuff is true, while other stuff isn’t. Could it be true? Only time will tell! Once again, this is a very exciting time to be a Sailor Moon fan!

Sailor Moon Commercials From ANIMAX… with Subtitles!

We’re sure you are all dying to know what Mitsuishi Kotono was saying in those commercials. Luckily, we found one with better quality and much better audio syncing, and with the help of one of our Moon Chase friends White Tiger King, we subtitled it! We all got this done in about two hours! Thanks again to White Tiger King for his translation help! We hope you all enjoy this commercial! Kotono, if we could all watch we would but we don’t all live in Japan! Please don’t punish us in the name of the Moon! This is uploaded on both Sevenload and YouTube.

Link: Sailor Moon Animax CM - Subtitled

Commercials Corner: Sailor Moon Edition!

A very long time ago, we dug up some old commercials for Sailor Moon on YouTube, however they all got pulled off for copyright issues (seriously?! are any of these products still available in stores?) ! Yesterday, we found almost all of them in commercial packs on a Japanese streaming video website, so we thought we’d rip them and give our readers who are unable to watch Sailor Moon in Japan, something to watch for half an hour! We’re sure you will enjoy all of these commercials – there’s a lot of them! Movie trailers, toys, video games, gadgets, food, cosplay, you name it, it’s here! We aren’t going to embed all of the videos themselves here or else we will likely crash your browser. We have one question for those of you who are familiar with the Sera Myu Musicals – there’s a couple toy commercials where some teenagers are in costumes, and we think this might be the musical cast but we aren’t sure. Please let us know if you can recognize them! Here’s a couple though:

Sailor Moon Movies DVD Boxset:

Link: Sailor Moon Movies DVD Boxset

Sailor Moon Commercial Breaks:
☽ Note – some of these commercials have nothing to do with Sailor Moon but it’s cool to see what kinds of commercials would air during the show!

Link: Sailor Moon Commercial Breaks

The Others:

Sailor Moon Commercials!
Sailor Moon S Commercials!
Sailor Moon SuperS Commercials!
Sailor Moon Commercials Including Sailor Stars!
Sailor Moon Merchandise Commercials 1!
Sailor Moon Merchandise Commercials 2!
Sera Myu Commercials!