What you can do to help Moon Chase out with Operation Moonrise!

Hey everyone – we’ve had a lot of fans asking what they can do to help us with Operation Moonrise. So, we have completed a short list!

The first thing you can do is fill out the FUNImation Survey!

The second thing you can do is fill out our survey!

The third thing you can do is join our forums!

The fourth thing you can do is join us on Facebook and/or Twitter!

The last thing you can do? Spread the word! Get your friends involved! Tell them to do everything we just told you to! We can’t have a successful campaign unless we get lots of people involved – remember, we’re all in this together and we need to really show the companies involved that Sailor Moon is a great choice for a license!

And for all of you wondering, banners are finally on the way – for the site and for the campaign!

Operation Moonrise: Phase One!

This survey is now closed. It will take us a couple weeks to put the results together. Thanks to the over 800 moonies who helped to fill out this survey!

EDIT: For those of you who seem to visit this post wondering where the survey is, it is linked at the bottom. However, if you don’t want to read the questions and watch the clips of all the actors below, you can head to the survey by clicking here.

Hello Moonies!

The draught is over! We are beginning a campaign to bring back Sailor Moon!
(We’ll be making a banner soon – until then enjoy the lovely music in the background)! EDIT: The music is gone T_T . We had a few complaints over it.

Our first phase is a survey allowing fans to give their opinions on voice actors and actresses for the dub. We have included most major characters, and most major villains. Aside from the English cast which we are all familiar with, we did our research and attempted to find members of Funimation’s roster that we thought might be suitable for the dub. It was difficult, some of us based our opinion on the Japanese voices, while some of us tried to find close matches to English dub artists. The survey link is in big bold letters at the bottom of this post. However, before you hit the survey, we have posted the questions below, along with links to streaming video clips (click on each VA’s name)of the work of these dub artists, so you can refresh yourselves with what the old ones sounded like, and hear what VAs on Funimation’s current roster sound like. We want to thank our friends and fans on the forums who helped us put this together over the last few days!

We have them listed by category below (and these aren’t in the order that they are on the survey), but there are actual questions on the survey. Please take the time to really think about your choices before you start. Watch the clips below, although the clips are by no means complete. You are welcome to do your own research on their other roles – we suggest going through Anime News Network’s encyclopedia. They seem to have a more complete list of a voice actors roles than IMDB does.

Sailor Moon

Tracey Moore
Terri Hawkes
Linda Ballantyne
Kara Edwards
Monica Rial

Sailor Mercury

Karen Bernstein
Liza Balkan
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Caitlin Glass** near the end , she plays the character Triela (blonde with pigtails)
Kate Higgins (She plays Talho, a brunette in a purple and white outfit)

Sailor Mars

Katie Griffin
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Tiffany Grant
Luci Christian

Sailor Jupiter

Susan Roman
Rocio Barahona (Natalie/Nagisa, the brunnette. We think Rocio can make this voice a lot grittier)
Trina Nishimura (We are going on her performance as the waitress Tanya in Black Cat – fast forward to 6:30!)
Caitlin Glass (fast forward to 21:25 – we are going on her performance as Saya in Black Cat)

Sailor Venus:

Stephanie Morgenstern
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Caitlin Glass(Plays Winry)
Kara Edwards
Monica Rial


Jill Frappier

Michelle Armeneau (Hannah/Honoka’s Grandma)
Judy Keith (From Ouran HS Host Club @ 10:49-11:30 – Tamaki’s Grandmother)


Ron Rubin
Greg Ayres (12:18-12:38 & 15:49-15:59 He plays Kaoru (Look for the blue hair))
Jerry Jewell (from Black Cat @ 13:30, he plays Lin Xiao Li (Number 10) and is also in the clip below)
Troy Baker (from Black Cat @ 11:38, he plays Jenos)


Loretta Jafelice
Kara Edwards
Tara Strong (She plays Batgirl!)

Tuxedo Mask

Rino Romano
Toby Proctor
Vince Corazza
J. Michael Tatum (Ouran again, he plays Kyoya, whom the entire episode focuses on)
Kyle Hebert (fast forward to 2:30 – he plays Gohan!)
Travis Willingham (Plays Roy Mustang)

Sailor Mini-moon

Tracey Hoyt
Stephanie Beard
Kara Edwards
Leah Clark ( WARNING THIS CLIP HAS MATURE CONTENT – Going on her performances as Akane in Rumbling Hearts @ 00:43-02:00 & 05:59-08:00)

Sailor Uranus

Sarah Lafleur
Cathy Weseluck (She was unforgettable as Cybersix/Adrian Siedelman)
Stephanie Young
Callie McHalen (Another Ouran Performance @ 04:15-04:30 & 05:50-08:00. She plays Benio (Benibara) Amakusa)

Sailor Neptune

Barbara Radecki
Michelle Molineux (Black-haired Hannah/Honoka in Pretty Cure)
Jamie Marchi(Ouran again! She plays Chizuru (Suzuran) Maihara @ 04:46-05:50 )

Sailor Pluto

Sabrina Grdevich
Susan Aceron
Dana Schultes
Lydia Mackay (Fast forward to 11 minutes – she plays Sephiria Arks, she is before and after the CM Break)

Sailor Saturn

Jennifer Gould
Lia Sargent (She plays Chisa Yomoda)
Brina Palencia (17 minutes in, plays Eve (the blond girl))
Kara Edwards

(fans can pick more than one)

Tracey Moore(director, first 11 episodes)
Roland Parliament (director, 65 episodes)
John Stocker (director Sailor Moon Movies, S, and SuperS)
Bob Summers (Theme Song Composer)
Salvatore Grimaldi (ADR Engineer , Sound Recordist )
Michael Benghiat (Background Music Composer for First Two Seasons)
Janice Sonski (Producer, Story Editor, Script Consultant for S and SuperS
Nicole Thuault (Producer, Dubbing Coordinator)
Louise Hurtubise (Producer, Dubbing Coordinator)
Andy Heyward (Executive Producer, Theme Song Lyrics)
Lisa Lumby-Richards (ADR Script Coordinator)
Caitlin Glass (ADR Director)
J. Michael Tatum (Script)
Monica Rial (Script)
Carly Hunter (Producer)
Justin Cook (Producer)
Chris Sabat (Director, Producer)
Sean Schemmel (Director, Script)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (Director, Script)
Eric Vale (Script)
Jared Hedges (Script)
Joel Bergen (Script)
Christopher Neel (Script)
Barry Watson (Producer)
Daniel Cocanougher (Producer)

Ok. No youtube clips for the crew, obviously. We have a few points though. Lisa Lumby-Richards marks the end of the old crew and everyone after that has worked on one or more of these Funimation productions: Ouran High School Host Club, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, and Trinity Blood. These were marked by our staff and friends who helped us find some of the best Funimation adaptations in English. A few things about names you may not know or remember: we featured Roland Parliament’s story this morning! John Stocker has also been involved with many cartoons over the years, and we really enjoyed his direction on the movies! Bob Summers wrote the English theme song. Sal Grimaldi was the sound engineer who put everything together in the studio for the episodes – what effects a voice needed, etc. Michael Benghiat composed all of our old English background music from the first two seasons. If you want to hear it again, the majority of it can be found streaming on Rhapsody for free! If you are NOT in the United States, the songs are all on youtube – search for Sailor Moon “The Full Moon Collection”. Else you can head on over to SailorMusic.net to hear them! Doesn’t hearing this one bring back memories? If you want to really see these come back as they were not included in S or SuperS, please vote Michael Benghiat! Sonski, Thuault, and Hurtubise are all from Optimum Productions. Janice Sonski in particular is responsible for many of the edits made to the series, including making Amara and Michelle (Neptune and Uranus) cousins. Nicole Thuault in the past has skitted around the real reason for the issue. We’re not even going to get started on Nicole and Louis, but if you want to, you’ll find a lot more about them on Save Our Sailors. While we will give them credit for trying hard with the casting, many of their production decisions were questionable. Lisa Lumby-Richards was a writer throughout every episode and movie.

(fans can pick more than one)

Naz Edwards (Queen Beryl)
Lisa Dalbello (Many of the Monsters of the Day)
Robert Tinkler (Rubeus)
Alice Poon (Catsy)
Kristen Bishop(Zoicite, Kaori Knight, Telulu)
Mary Long (Catsy, Fiore, JunJun)
Norma Dell’Agnese (Prisma)
Kathleen Laskey (Bertie)
Jennifer Griffiths (Avery)
Roland Parliament (Chessmaster)
Lyon Smith (Prince Sapphire)
Robert Bockstael (Prince Diamond)
Liz Brown (Wicked Lady)
Liz Hannah (Doom Tree)
Dennis Akiyama (Malachite)
Kevin Lund (Neflite)
Tony Daniels (Wiseman, Jedite)
Jeff Lumby (Dr. Tomoe)
Maria Vacratsis (Negaforce)
Loretta Jafelice(Eugeal)
Susan Aceron (Kisenian)
Spike Spencer
Vic Mignogna
Taliesin Jaffe (Plays Preta Ghoul, fast forward to 20:30)
Stephanie Young
Travis Willingham (Plays Roy Mustang)
Sean Schemmel

(fans can pick more than one)

Roland Parliament (Melvin)
Mary Long (Molly)
Julie Lemieux (Sammy , Serena’s Brother)
Nadine Rabinovitch (Miss Haruna)
Wendy Lyon (Queen Serenity)
Barbara Radecki (Ikuko, Serena’s Mom)
David Fraser (Grandpa Hino)
Steven Bednarski (Chad)
Greg Ayres
Trina Nishimura * we could not find many clips of all her work together, but she has a wide variety of different characters she has done. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of most of them too!
Vic Mignogna
Aaron Dismuke (Plays Alphonse Elric)
Travis Willingham (Plays Roy Mustang)
Sean Schemmel

Which production company would you like to see produce the re-dub?
In-House at Funimation
The Ocean Group
Blue Water Studios

If the dub is produced in-house at Funimation, it may be difficult to get some members of the old cast as a Green Card would be required, as well as membership with the Screen Actors Guild (which many may not have). If the dub is produced in partnership with The Ocean Group or Blue Water Studios, they are based in Canada (and have used American actors before) making it much easier for Canadian VAs to dub. Plus, the Ocean Group has produced many hits over the years, as well as Blue Water Studios.

What would you like to see re-dubbed? Pick as many as you would like, however if you want all of the movies or series redubbed, please select that specific option (“All of ____”). Do not select individual ones if you are selecting these options – this will skew the data!

Sailor Moon (Season 1)
Sailor Moon R (Season 2)
Sailor Moon S (Season 3)
Sailor Moon SuperS (Season 4)
Sailor Moon R: The Movie
Sailor Moon S: The Movie
Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie
All of the Movies
All of the Series
All of the Movies and the Series

What would you like to see dubbed and/or included on a possible re-release?
(pick as many as you want!)

Missing episodes
Missing specials
Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars (Season 5)
Old Commercials
Footage of Promotional Events in Japan
Behind the Scenes Featurettes

Which music cues (transformation sequences, attacks, etc.) would you prefer hearing in a re-dub?

Original Japanese music cues
Original English adaptation music cues composed by Michael Benghiat of the Music Kitchen

** See the note above in crew for links to the English music cues.

Which would you rather see? (Pick one or the other)

Old productions redubbed and scripted closer to the original Japanese version.
Productions which have never been dubbed.

We are planning a second survey in two weeks – we didn’t want to bombard you fans with a huge survey. We think that it will be a lot shorter than this one. This one will deal with the kind of release that fans would like to see. We figured we’d get this one out of the way first.

So now that you’ve read all the background, now the survey warnings:

1. At the end of the survey are some demographic questions. We need to know this from our fanbase because we are planning to send this data to companies who are involved with Sailor Moon so they know who the series is targeting nowadays and just so they know where all the fans are coming from. We will post the results on this site as well. We’re going to put some pretty charts together in Excel too so they look all professional! We are NOT collecting any specific personal data (like your email, name, or contact information). KwikSurvey probably collects IPs so that the same person doesn’t do the survey twice, and we know that they won’t share that information with anyone else. So please complete the whole survey – it’s 28 questions and if you have your plan ready to go then it shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes.

2. READ THE QUESTION. Some questions have more than one option available to you and there are also places for some questions to fill in your suggestions.

3. This poll is only going to last for a little over four weeks (June 29th at Midnight Pacific Time), so get voting! Tell your friends, link us in forum signatures, etc. Now is the time for all of the English Dub fans to unite to make their voices heard!

**EDIT** We are now running this until the end of July (the 31st).

4. Join our forums. The next two phases will be letter writing campaigns but the details will only be posted in the Campaigns Forums – only visible to forum members. We’re going to also bounce around some ideas and we are welcome to hear your suggestions in there.

Our promise to parents who wish to join the forums on behalf of their kids – we on staff actively monitor our forums and should we learn of any “wierdos” they will be dealt with in a timely fashion. Likewise, if your child is being harassed let us know ASAP. Our forums are currently safe and we hope to keep them that way.

5. Megavideo links require two clicks on the play button. The red one launches a popup, and then it will turn green and smaller on your original window. Then it should play. We’re sorry we had to use Megavideo but in some cases we had nowhere else to find clips!

6. Apologies to Funimation, Toei, and Warner Brothers in advance – we realize a lot of the things we are linking to shouldn’t even be up on the web – but we encourage our fans if they like what they see to go out and get the releases. We are only linking them so that fans can hear samples of the work of these voice actors.

Oh yeah, have you read the other Survey Guidelines?

So now what are you waiting for?

Thank you for your time in reading this entry, researching your answers , and completing the survey!

BREAKING NEWS: Stephanie Beard Appearing at Florida Supercon!

Minutes ago, in our closely guarded inbox we just got a huge exclusive from Stephanie Beard (Rini #2). She will be appearing at Florida Supercon from June 5-8 (that’s next weekend)! This one is taking place in Miami at The Doubletree Miami Mart Airport Convention Center. There’s no schedule posted yet, but we’ll be watching the site to let you know exactly where and when Stephanie will be appearing. If any of our fans are attending this con (which we believe is her first US appearance, and possibly the first US con appearance for any North American Sailor Moon VA), we would love to hear from you about what happened there! If we could go to this con we would go, especially because these Smash Brothers shows look really good!

Campaign coming later tonight! Stay tuned!

Operation Moonrise Teaser Featuring… Melvin!

Phase One of Operation Moonrise will be posted later tonight! In the meantime though, we have a special treat for you all! In another special Moon Chase exclusive, Roland Parliament (Melvin, ADR Director) shares some of his experiences on the show , hardships, and some really great stories! Roland has since gone on to teach acting at many schools and venues all across Canada, and also directed the upcoming animated film Ferretina (which features many Sailor Moon voice actors). The following, are his thoughts on the series in his own words.

My favorite episode is “Tuxedo Melvin” (of course) and also the episode when Nephlite died. Mary Long had everyone in the control room in tears over her performance in that one. Very moving.

My favorite parts were working with some fabulous actors especially Terri
Hawkes, Tony Daniels and David Fraser who are VERY creative, and Jeff Lumby
who is very funny. I also loved working with the engineer Sal Grimaldi who
could almost read my mind and was a great guy. I agree that the music was first rate. I also loved the team camaraderie with the cast that existed despite the fact that many of them never met each other until the wrap party!

I also loved the system we used to record known as the “Rhythmoband”. It was
weird at first, but once you got the hang of it it was a lot like Karaoke.
It would be too expensive to do it that way today. We would probably use the
“beep” system which is much more tedious and not nearly as much fun.

What I didn’t like was working 14-16 hours a day continuously for over 4
months. I didn’t eat right, I didn’t sleep right, I got very little exercise
and I got bad eye strain as I was parked in front of bright TV monitor all
the time checking for sync. I got very ill after it was all over and it took
a year before I felt right again. Even though I’d love to direct again, I
wouldn’t work like that again.

I think the episodes I directed turned out so well because I tried to make
it fun for everyone with jokes and wisecracks, and I let the actors have a
lot of freedom. Because they were all so good (excellent casting on Nicole’s
part) they really didn’t require much direction and they appreciated being
allowed to interpret as they saw fit.

We’d like to take this time to thank Roland Parliament for his support of this site! We are all hoping for a re-dub that while somehow fixes mistakes in the past, still retains it’s original charm. The campaign will begin this evening, keep your eyes peeled on the site!

EDIT: The survey has been posted! CLICK HERE!

Now it’s time for the whole staff of Moon Chase to take a nap. We’ve worked non-stop for the last few days on all of this zzzzzz…

More Pictures of Naoko at Bandai Hobby Center!

So, in my mad fervor of looking for information pertaining to the upcoming campaign, I came across this (and to my surprise this wasn’t linked on any English websites at all?!) Bandai Hobby Center has a blog, and they have posted an entire entry about Naoko Takeuchi’s visit last October. Better yet? It was posted in October! Two days after her visit! Sailor Moon Channel didn’t mention anything about her visit until January! What really got us about these pictures was how happy she looked drawing – we wonder how long it has been since she has drawn any manga! We’ll let you all come up with your own theories on this time lapse, but for now here’s a quickie translation … and oh yeah, the pictures!

Ms. Naoko Takeuchi BHC visit.

The cartoonist, Ms. Naoko Takeuchi came in BHC the other day.

Hearing her name, you think of Sailor Senshi Sailor Moon!

Every girl in here became crazy when the original creator of Sailor Moon came!

Ms. Takeuchi was wonderful and gentle through her visit to BHC, and talked to people.

I asked if she would draw only one Usagi-chan in uniform when I asked for her autograph?

She immediately drew it at the Hobby Center!

When she came, I was very emotional ♪ Zowie!