Flashpoint News And Ratings!

So, today I found out that what I had read elsewhere was wrong, and that new episodes of Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis’ Flashpoint begin tomorrow :O. Please tune in everyone! I thought I would have had another week to finish up the summaries, but I guess I’m going to fall behind. Sorry to you all! I hope to be caught up with everything on this site within the next two weeks. Tomorrow’s episode is entitled Business As Usual, and is a plot that reflects these times that we are currently in. Three men take the CEO of a mortgage company hostage , and the SRU reluctantly looks for a replacement for Jules as she is still in the hospital recovering from her wounds in the last episode of Season 1. We’re really looking forward to seeing this episode! And we can also bring you some behind the scenes information! This episode was shot last month at Toronto’s MaRS Collaboration Centre, more specifically, its auditorium which had to undergo a quickie transformation into a stock exchange. Fans can click here to read the blog entry on MaRS’s site, and here to check out some photos of the set!

And before we hit the ratings, we bet all our worldwide fans of Flashpoint just got a little more jealous of the UK! While Canada has the episodes available on iTunes, the UK will be the first market to have the show on DVD! Even we are a little confused by this , wondering why a North American show isn’t getting a DVD release first on it’s shores! It is currently listed on Amazon UK for around $35 USD, and ITV has posted a very tiny image of what we believe is the DVD cover. And we really love the way the SRU looks with the glittering blue skyscape of Toronto behind them. Once we see a bigger one, we’ll probably find some way to stick Sailor Venus in there and add to our banner over there –>. We can’t wait to see this one on North American shelves!

Flashpoint Ratings:

The show, despite it’s competition, held its ratings pretty steady. New episodes aired on January 9th, 16th, and 23rd, and February 13th. In between, repeats were shown, and they still pulled in significant ratings. On the 9th, Eagle Two aired, and scored 10.06 million viewers in the US, and a 2.2/6 rating with viewers between the ages of 18-49, winning it’s timeslot and CBS the night. In Canada, the show scored 1.269 viewers, and was the 13th most watched show that week. On the 16th, Backwards Day aired, and scored 10.53 million viewers, and a 2.4/7 rating with 18-49ers, again winning its timeslot and CBS the night. In Canada, the show scored 1.741 million viewers, and was the 7th most popular show that week! On the 23rd, Haunting the Barn aired, and scored 10.21 million viewers in the US, and it’s 18-49ers rating unchanged from the previous week (2.4/7). Once again, it won its timeslot and CBS the night! In Canada, the show scored 1.279 million viewers, and was the 16th most watched show that week. In the weeks in between, in Canada, the show managed to hold it’s viewers over a million, and in the United States over 8 million, as reruns aired. On the 13th, Between Heartbeats aired, scoring 8.7 million viewers in the US, making it the top of the ratings by numbers, however it scored a 1.8/6 with the 18-49ers. That score put the show behind Fox’s Dollhouse which had less viewers, but scored a 2.0/6 for the same demographic. Last week, Dollhouse tied with a rerun of Flashpoint at 1.7/5, but only had about half as many viewers. I have a feeling that the viewer gap between the two shows will become larger this week as last week’s episode was so terribly convoluted. It left me more confused than the first episode, and I don’t believe Dollhouse is as big a threat to Flashpoint as I feared. Don’t get me wrong – as many Sailor Moon fans are fans of Joss Whedon’s work, this one sure isn’t winning any of us over. We’ll have to see what tomorrow holds, however. We really loved the last four episodes of Flashpoint, and we hope the same quality carries the show through the second season! However, the ratings are taking a pretty steep dive in Canada, so those of us canuck otaku who are freezing in the Great White North, please turn your TV sets to Flashpoint tomorrow okay?

200 Dollars For A T-Shirt?

Articles are coming soon! In the meantime though, I came across something interesting this morning that was short and quick enough for me to post on this site! A seller on Rakuten Ichiba is selling what looks to be an official T-shirt made by COSPA, the infamous Japanese Cosplay Company (and they now have a site in English)! The shirt features Chibi-Usa, and a COSPA logo on the back. It even came in a capsule! This costs a shocking $208 USD! From the looks of it, it seems to be in very good condition considering it is a used shirt. For those of us fans who are willing to spare that much money in these times for a rare collectible, this is sure to be a highlight in their collection. None of us here have ever heard of the COSPA beautybeast line – do any of you know about this? Please leave your comments below!

No, this site has not been abandoned!

Hi Moonies. We are really behind and we on staff feel we owe you an explanation for why we’ve been AWOL for a while. The Me has been busy behind the scenes, and I just got this ever-breaky laptop back today. Aside from that, I had a bit of a health crisis to deal with for the last few weeks. Before I go any further, I have to really hand it to the tech who for the last 2 years has managed to fix the terrible problems with this machine, often at prices much less than what HP would charge to fix it! The good news is, I recently found out that I should be okay in the next few months and I can resume going back to my normal life. When this hit, unfortunately I had to back out of a big surprise I was planning for you all. Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Venus #2) had scheduled a concert at the end of January at the far reaches of my neck of the woods, and I had made plans to go. Unfortunately , I was under doctor’s orders not to be around certain things until they knew for sure what was wrong, and this meant no concert for me, or being out in the frigid cold unless I absolutely had to be. I was devastated – I always try to bring you guys special or exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else and this was a huge opportunity I had to step away from. On behalf of the staff of Moon Chase, we’re sorry things have been still the last few weeks, and we really thank all of our fans and supporters who have written in with their sightings and well wishes – we haven’t been ignoring you! Things have just been too crazy behind the scenes, and we will likely get in touch with you in the next few days!

We will be resuming our Flashpoint summaries this week, and we will likely merge all the ratings into one post. We are really happy that the new episodes of the show doesn’t return until the beginning of March, giving us a ton of time to catch up! We have done some occasional checking and the show has so far been a success since it’s resurrection in January. I was a little bit worried that there would have been a significant drop in popularity since Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse premiered. I recorded Dollhouse and watched it after Flashpoint, and sadly, I was expecting the show to be a little more exciting and less confusing. It tried to have the charm of his most well-known work, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with it’s little quirks here and there, but it didn’t quite work. On the other hand, I think Friday’s Flashpoint was definitely my favorite episode of the entire season! Was it yours too, dear readers? Sam’s shot was probably the most intriguing part of the episode, and I definitely had questions about the real motive behind it. What are your thoughts on either Flashpoint or Dollhouse?