Stephanie Morgenstern Appeared at Event!

Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) just doesn’t appear at the occasional convention to meet her fans – last weekend, she appeared at an event in Calgary as the guest speaker! She shared her experiences in conversation with moderator Carol Whiteman at the 10th anniversary celebration of Women in Film and Television (Alberta Chapter). And the best part is, her part in Sailor Moon was mentioned on the site (we all jumped out of our chairs in joy when we read that)! We admire Stephanie for branching out to organizations and filmpools like this , continuing to inspire and mentor other Canadians trying to make it in the industry. If perchance any of our blog readers were at the event and would like to share a few anecdotes, don’t hesitate to contact us!

And for all you North American fans patiently awaiting the return of Flashpoint… we saw last week’s episode. And even though we are EXPLODING with excitement waiting to tell you all what happened, we are restraining ourselves with anything we can in fairness to the cast and crew. We can’t wait to see this air on North American screens, and dear readers, you will not be disappointed. It will be worth the wait :).

Halloween Moonie Mayhem!

We really hoped we’d get some more email from fans about what they did for Halloween (but we didn’t 🙁 ). Since there’s video in this post, we’re going to throw up the rest of it after the jump – with a warning: one of our videos is rated R for content. Don’t click the jump below unless you’re okay watching Sailor Moon being portrayed as a dumb blonde alongside references to “tentacles”. If you don’t know what any of that means, then you’re probably too young to hit the jump.

The Halloween Episode of G4’s Attack of the Show featured hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira dressed as a variety of characters… Kevin, not so much. He spent the episode switching between Billy Mays, Richard Karn, and finally, the king of every tween girl’s heart at this moment Zac Efron . Olivia Munn had a greater variety of costumes, including the Google Phone, Noriko from one of my favorite PS3 games this year Heavenly Sword, and Sailor Moon. She didn’t quite get the fuku right, and portrayed her as a dumb blonde . Kevin mentioned she was missing a tentacle, and before you knew it, the pair were wreaking hentai havoc on the set! G4 has posted a video of the show’s highlights… and we have to ask, Olivia, was that last Sailor Moon sketch really that necessary? Check out the photo gallery here and the highlights video here! Thanks to all our fans who wrote in with this sighting!

And finally, we have a sequel to a video we posted a while ago! NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE THE PURE AWESOMENESS OF THE COSPLAY IN THIS ONE! To whoever came up with those ideas for cosplay sketches, we’d really like to know how long it took you to put these together – and if you are planning any more soon! We’d love to see more!

BREAKING NEWS: More Flashpoint Ordered!

Hot off the presses, we have just learned that Stephanie Morgenstern’s (Sailor Venus #1) Flashpoint has just had another 5 episodes added to its second season, bringing Season Two’s episode total to 18! We are so happy to have 5 more episodes of Flashpoint :)! Since we have a feeling that the four episodes that didn’t air are probably going to be added to the North American run of Season Two, this brings the total to 22 episodes – that’s a count that most seasons on primetime have, so we are finally getting a full season of Flashpoint! This deal was set in stone two weeks ago, but is just being made public now. Congratulations to Stephanie and her husband Mark Ellis on this achievement!

(P.S. did any New Zealanders catch yesterday’s episode? We’d love to hear how it was!)

Hunter X Hunter News!

Naoko Saw A Monkey?!

More on this exciting news later… Hunter X Hunter volume 26 continues to do well in Japan, and was the top selling manga for the month of October. We really like this writer’s spin on the series. He wrote: “Togashi started the serial in 1998, and now it’s an irregular serial”. Irregular, you say? We’ll be using that word a lot more from now on. We read on a posting on 2chan that he announced the climax would not begin this year, and that he didn’t know when it would begin. We don’t know if this is for the arc or the series, as of this writing. Anyway, a few highlights from his weekly endnotes to his fans…

☀ He wants to lose about 5% of his body fat after a recent physical. He took up biking, but he lives near a junior high school and he was going to take his bike there to have them inspect it and fix it. He felt a little uneasy about that.

☀ He thanked fans for their patience with him, and feels that since the 22nd volume of the manga, that his linestrokes have been strong and he is able to draw better than he could before. He finds it frustrating that sometimes he discards a lot of drawings that don’t turn out correctly, but he is sure that all his readers like this higher quality work of his.

☀ And the kicker?! In last week’s issue, he wrote:

My wife saw a monkey in the garden. He escaped to the junior high school in the neighborhood after that. The people in the junior high school have seen that monkey recently, even though we live in the same neighborhood and just noticed it now.

We kinda wish the monkey dropped off a letter for Naoko asking for Sailor Moon to come back to the world! Until then, any revelation from Mr. Togashi about Naoko is a really big deal for all us fans – even if it is only about her seeing a monkey in her garden!

More Flashpoint Around The World!

Flashpoint started two weeks ago in Brazil on that country’s equivalent of the WB – and we are in love with the official site that they have created for the show! We think it’s even better than the ones CTV and CBS created! The show airs on Thursdays at 10 PM, in ER’s old timeslot. Some Brazilians have commented that they are angry with the channel’s decision to move ER to Fridays and they will not watch this show?! Please give this show a chance, you will not be disappointed! From the trailer on the site, it looks like it will be airing in English with Spanish subtitles. We encourage our readers from around the world to send us an email if the show is airing in their country – we would love to hear about it !

New Zealand to Get “Lost Episodes”!

And this here is breaking news! We have learned that the 10th episode of Flashpoint, Eagle Two, is going to air tomorrow on TVNZ. Out of respect for the Canadian and American broadcasters, we will not post a summary of this episode until it airs in North America. By all means though, if any of our New Zealand fans happen to catch the episode and would like to post in our comments how the episode was , we are sure our fans would love to hear about it! For those of you who want to check out the trailer for Eagle Two, click here!