We Need Your Help!

Hey readers – in a week I should be finished getting my little gadget back together that searches for news on all of the stars for me all at once rather than me having to do it one at a time (x 3 for different news sources). Sorry it’s taking forever, if it makes any of you feel better I am still missing a lot of key software on my computer. I keep hoping I’ll have time one evening to reinstall it, but I never do… However, in an attempt to keep things as easy as possible to run, I’m having a little difficulty with the Sera Myu cast. Not all the actresses and actors involved with the production are currently pursuing acting careers, and some have more work than others. Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with the musicals as I am with the anime and PGSM and I have a hard time deciding which actors I should cover and which ones I shouldn’t. So, we’d love to hear from you. Which Sera Myu stars were your favorites? Who would you like us to keep tabs on? Feel free to comment on this thread or send us an email !

It’s Probably Not Official, But Nonetheless…

We were very amused when we saw this t-shirt on eBay and we think every Flashpoint fan who reads this site needs one of those! You could subtly send a message to CBS and CTV with this shirt the next time you’re bored out of your mind on a Thursday night because Flashpoint isn’t on. There’s no point to this post other than to show fans this shirt. Hey, when you’re dry for Flashpoint news, anything goes!

The Death of Alice Blue Wins Some Awards!

But Does This Mean The Film Is Any Closer To A Wider Release?

Well, it finally looks like a movie that was shot years ago involving two VAs is finally on a roll. Vampire flick The Death of Alice Blue won three awards at The Accolade Competition! The movie won an Award of Excellence for Leading Actress (Alex Appel), as well as two Honorable Mentions. One for direction (Park Bench) and the other for Feature Film. The movie features Barbara Radecki (Sailor Neptune, Serena’s Mom, Queen Serenity) as Sherry, and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) as Katie. Katie’s husband, Michael Kulas, also composed music for the movie. The official Facebook group still says that the movie is being submitted to different festivals, but no word yet on which festivals it has been accepted to as of this writing, or if there has been a distribution deal. We will keep you posted as soon as we find out more!

BREAKING NEWS: Flashpoint NOT Airing on CTV This Weekend.

We here at Moon Chase have just learned that CTV pulled Flashpoint off of the schedule on Sunday. This is a complete surprise since an earlier media release stated that it was going to air this Sunday. Furthermore there does not appear as of this writing any scheduled dates for the four remaining episodes. We’re not sure if this was at the request of CBS or the producers of another TV show. As always, when the show returns to the air in Canada or the United States, we will continue to post our summaries and ratings pieces.

To the Students of Luther College…

The staff and readers of Moon Chase send out their thoughts and prayers to you that you all heal from this ordeal and carry the strength that saved you from the gym evermore. This was my alma mater, and I was disheartened seeing the footage of teachers I once knew on the news today. This was the last place I ever expected something like this to happen. I am completely at a loss of words for what else to say about this.